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Every once in a while JP and I get the urge to make something. This is what we have been up to for the last few days. JP came up with the idea and the design. The idea was to make a shelf for all of his toy cars. Since this is was my first time […]

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I woke up this morning around 11:00 AM… yes, 11:00!! JP was already out of bed so I just laid there for a little while listening and trying to figure out what they were up to. The house was quiet. No sounds at all. Then I heard the door that goes from the house to […]

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Over the last few months we have been slowly doing garage improvements. I posted this embarrassing before photo early this month. To see that post you can click here. Keep in mind that our garage is L shaped and this is the back of the garage. JP has since built a corner piece for the […]

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JP and I have slowly been working on some projects at home that we have talked about doing. If you have ever been in our garage then you know that it needs a lot of organization. I have gone out there a few times and tried to put things in order but it is kinda […]

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This morning we woke up bright and early and drove all the way from Little Rock, AR to San Antonio, TX. We stopped at the Arkansas/Texas border to get this picture. About two years ago we stopped at the same spot. Look how much bigger Lily is. About 30 miles north of Austin there is […]

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Ahh the pool. Wouldn’t it be nice if the weather actually stayed warm enough for us to go swimming. For the last few days JP, Lily and I spent time cleaning out the garage and the pool house. We took a truck load of stuff to the dump and a truck load of stuff to […]

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I think that just about everyone has home improvements that they would like to make. JP and I have a lot of ideas for things but not a lot of time for him to get them done. Today we did cross one improvement off of our list though. Ever since we moved in we have […]

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All year-long all we want for our grass is for it to be green. A combination of Texas summer sun and broken sprinkler heads has taken a toll on ours. The backyard is perfectly green. But not the front yard. Or the side yard. I had my yard guy check the sprinklers today and he […]

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Around 7:00 PM today our doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone and neither was JP. When I opened the door my neighbor John was standing there with his daughter Isabel. I looked down at Isabel and she blurted out “The fence is broked!”. Then my neighbor went on to explain that one of the parts […]

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Today JP woke up bright and early to finish painting the pool house. I was to scared (and not tall enough) to stand on the ladder and paint the five upper windows. I am so happy with this project and I love the new blue verses the old ugly brown. Every time I look out […]

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Today I got all of my supplies out and started painting the pool house. As soon as I opened the can of paint I was excited to see what it would look like once it was done. I learned a big lesson about painters tape… that stuff is not easy to use. I suddenly have […]


For a long time now I have wanted to paint the pool house. Not the whole thing just the trim around the windows and doors. Right now it is an ugly brown color. I have laid out by the pool many times wondering what color would look best. At first I was thinking some type […]

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A few years ago when we were looking for our home we spent a couple of days with the realtor looking at different houses. I remember we spent an entire Sunday looking at 10 or so houses. By the 9th house I told JP I was tired and done looking for the day. After I […]

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This morning I walked out on the deck and immediately spotted these guys. Pretty much every day if it is warm you can sit outside and watch them run up and down the trees or across the deck. While they are usually scared of us I think they are starting to kinda get use to […]

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We had another super warm day today! I have wanted to clean the hot tub for a while now but it is a tough job… and I am a little intimidated by it. I am always a little nervous when I pull up the cover on it because I have seen so many things under […]

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Last year I did a blog post about cleaning Lily’s bedroom where I mentioned her bathroom. To read it click HERE. We have 3 ½ bathrooms in our house. A full bathroom in the master bedroom on the first floor, a ½ bathroom off of the living room, a full bathroom in the upstairs hall next […]


Today was a busy day! I had three different companies come over to do different things to our house. The first one to show up was Clayton from TexDeck. For the last year our deck has looked less than great so I called him over for a quote. We were thinking that the deck needed […]

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I know that I have mentioned on here a few times that JP started a new job in Portland, OR. He is there 4 days a week or so and for the last month he has been living out of hotels. Well as of this week we have keys to an apartment that he will […]

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There are quite a few children that live in our neighborhood. I only know like 5 of them but I see a lot of them playing in the yards as I drive out toward the gate. On my way to the gate I only encounter 2 stop signs… this is one of them. Did you […]


When JP isn’t traveling he works from his office upstairs. I love these times because even though he is working and constantly on conference calls I can still walk upstairs and bug him. When he is in town he usually makes the coffee in the morning but I always bring him his breakfast and lunch […]


Anyone who has been to our house knows that JP is a sports fan. We have lots and lots of sports memorabilia around. Anything from basketball to baseball to football to racing. You can definitely tell that he lived in Seattle because a majority of it is of the Sonics, Seahawks, Pilots and Mariners. We […]