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Happy Easter everyone! We don’t really do much for Easter around here. Actually we never even have Lily on Easter Sunday because she spends it with her grandparents. They take her to church and have a nice family party. This year we did dye eggs though. I am not a big fan of hard-boiled eggs […]


Every holiday JP’s mom sends Lily a package. And every time Lily is super excited to open it up. For the last few weeks I have helped my friend Liz go through all of her things in preparation for her move across the country. She gave us three of the signs that she had at […]


For us Valentine’s Day is not really a grand affair. We aren’t really chocolate, cards and flowers kinda people. This year for Valentine’s Day we went to the store and picked out a few trees to add to our backyard. Not just any trees we bought fruit bearing trees. We were so excited to bring […]


I haven’t mentioned it in a little while but JP still goes to Portland, OR every week. And I still go with him a lot. I don’t go every week but I go often. I wasn’t going to go this week but at the last minute I decided to join him.  I have mentioned before […]

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This morning I woke up to the sound of JP and Lily cooking breakfast and these beautiful flowers on the table. They go perfect in this planter. Someone posted this picture online and it made me laugh out loud!


Last night before bed the Easter Bunny left a wrapped box and a note outside Lily’s bedroom door. It said not to open the box or wake us up before 8:00 AM. Lily was at our bedside at 8:01 AM. Once JP and I had a cup of coffee in hand we told her it […]

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I am pretty sure that Lily doesn’t really believe in the Easter Bunny anymore but she still plays along. Since we don’t have Lily on Sunday morning we have to move Easter one day forward. This year it is Easter Saturday instead of Easter Sunday. After I went shopping for her Easter basket I came […]

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Today JP, Nicole and I went to Oyster Bake. We haven’t gone since 2011 if you want to read what I wrote last time click here. This is my favorite picture from Oyster Bake 2011. This year Oyster Bake was fun… but kinda disappointing. We had two main reasons for going. We wanted to eat […]

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Lily joined the choir at school back in September. She goes twice a week before school and absolutely loves it. Today her school and a few other schools were singing Christmas carols at the winter holiday festival. Instead of driving separately we had Lily’s dad Bryan pick us up. We see Bryan every week and […]

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This morning JP, Lily and I packed up the truck and drove down to the beach. It might not be the best beach on earth but we still love the Gulf of Mexico. It takes us less than two hours to drive there and we have everything that we could need like sun, sand, water, […]

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The last couple of days it has been cloudy and drizzly outside so we have spent a bunch of time inside just kinda hanging out. There have been a few sun breaks here and there but they didn’t last very long. Today the weather cleared up nicely for a few hours so we headed out […]

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This kids were so excited when they woke up this morning. They went through their Easter baskets then it was time for the egg hunt. The big difference between an egg hunt in Michigan and an egg hunt in Texas is that we do ours outside. I think this might have been their first outdoor […]


Are you ready to see the scariest Easter Bunny Skeleton ever? Last week my friend Nicole came over and played dress up with my skeleton. Yikes!


We spent the last two days working on our Easter yard decorations and today we finally finished them. If you want to see Day 1 click here. And Day 2 click here. Since it is Saturday morning we had our usual big breakfast. Then we headed out to the garage. Everything was painted and ready […]


Yesterday we cut the bunnies out, sanded them down a little and put on a coat of white paint. You can click here to see those steps. Today we cut out the eggs. Okay correction… I cut out the eggs. Yes, me. JP had a day trip up to Dallas or a meeting and I […]


Our skeleton Paddy is very excited about St. Patrick’s Day!


Today Lily, JP and I started a project that involves power tools, wood, and paint. We are making bunnies and eggs for a front yard decoration. I came up with the idea after I saw something similar to what we are making when I was surfing around online a few days ago. After drawing the […]

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This is WAY to cute not to share. My brother sent me a picture last night of his kids leaning against a Seattle Police Department cruiser. The caption said: “Trouble at the tree lighting”.

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What is Dia de los Muertos? El Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), a Mexican celebration, is a day to celebrate, remember and prepare special foods in honor of those who have departed. On this day in Mexico, the streets near the cemeteries are filled with decorations of papel picado, flowers, candy […]


Last year I did a blog post about getting boo-ed and if you click here you can read about it. Well… we’ve been boo-ed again! I noticed it on Wednesday night but I left it on the front porch until Lily noticed it on Thursday morning on her way out the door to school. I […]

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Remember the gingerbread houses we made a few weeks ago? We had two houses sitting on the counter and today was the day that I decided I was done looking at them. My plan was to toss them in the garbage. Sometimes the plan doesn’t go as well as I hope… this was one of […]