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It is no secret that Halloween is the best holiday of the year. And of course me being me I have thought (for months now) about what I want to wear this year. The tricky part of picking a costume is trying to get JP to wear something that goes along with my costume. I […]

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I am pretty sure that this is my favorite day of the year. Unfortunately JP is still out of town so I had some things that I had to set up on my own. As soon as I rolled out of bed this morning I was so excited. I had to go to […]


I have two people that I need to say thank you to for making our Halloween memorable. The first thank you is to an unnamed person. I seriously have no idea who to thank for the tombstone that showed up in our graveyard. I don’t know who you are but I love the new tombstone. […]

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I have told you guys many many many times that I love Halloween. I love every aspect of it from the decorations to the costumes to the candy. We are by far the scariest house in the neighborhood the whole month of October. Since October 1st isn’t until Tuesday I figured that today would be […]

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The worst part about Halloween is taking down and putting all the decorations away. I spent about 3+ hours in the front yard getting everything taken down and stuffed into boxes. It is a little overwhelming at first but if you start putting it all in one big pile then it makes it seem more […]

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This morning when I went shopping for the trick-or-treat candy I wasn’t sure how much to buy. Last time we passed out candy we only had about 25 trick-or-treaters. This time I bought an extra box just to be safe. I ended up passing out candy to 46 people and every single one of them […]

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It’s time for Halloween, A day for trick or treat, When the kids dress up in costume, And walk proudly down the street. They ring a lot of door bells, And collect a lot of candy too, And if they happen to see a ghost, They will be greeted with a boo. Pumpkins light up […]

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JP and I went to a costume party this evening. This is the 3rd year in a row that we have gone to the Halloween party at this house. Always good conversation and lots of fun. Can you guess what JP and I are dressed up as? I hung out with Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. […]

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Last night we bought pumpkins to carve and since Lily was leaving today at noon to go hang out with her grandma we had to get our carving on first thing this morning. Dig JP, dig! Lily always takes her time cleaning out her pumpkin. Since I had mine already clean and ready to carve […]

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JP, Lily and I all know what we are going to be for Halloween this year… but our skeleton has had a hard time trying to decide. What do you think? Should she be a human? Or Minnie Mouse? To see other costumes she has worn click here.  


Earlier today JP and I were home alone and the door bell rang. He looked at me and asked if I was expecting someone. Thinking it was a salesmen (which we seem to get a lot of considering we live in a gated community) I opened the door and to my surprise there was a […]


Last year I did a blog post about getting boo-ed and if you click here you can read about it. Well… we’ve been boo-ed again! I noticed it on Wednesday night but I left it on the front porch until Lily noticed it on Thursday morning on her way out the door to school. I […]


I decorated our mantel today! Oh how I love you Halloween!


The rain finally went away and we were able to put of most of our Halloween decorations today. We spent hours outside and I think we have the best yard we have ever had. We definitely have the scariest yard in the neighborhood! Click on the pictures below to see just how scary it is!

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A couple of months ago I was on Pinterest and I saw a Halloween costume that blew my mind. As soon as I saw it I was in love! I saved a copy of the picture to my phone and have been thinking about how I can make it. I am crafty but I am […]

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We landed in New Orleans just before noon. Once we were checked into our hotel we met up with my sister-in-law Kelli and headed out to walk around in downtown New Orleans. All this time I always thought that the World Trade Center was in New York? Hmmm… Here is a picture that JP snapped […]

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Although I didn’t actually see her in her costume here are a few pictures that Lily’s dad took on Halloween night. This is Lily and her cousin Adeline at her grandmas house.  


Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year there were lots of weekend parties. I’m really surprised I don’t have more pictures but here is Alice, JP Zombie and Minnie Selena Mouse. Ta-da! Here are a few more costumes. I even got to dance with Rhianna. And we can’t forget Popeye. Selena considered wearing these […]


Every year Lily’s dad has a Halloween festival out at his work. Last year we dressed up as Batgirl but this year I decided to do a simpler costume and we were bunnies. We even had little fluffy tails on. Can you spot the 3 bunnies? Lily’s cousin Adeline was also there. Check out the […]


After a busy day of doing fun Halloween stuff today Lily and I relaxed in my bed and watched tv until it was time to pick up JP from the airport. I have learned a lot about picking people up from the airport but mostly that lately almost every flight gets in a little bit […]


What would Halloween be¬†without pumpkin pie? We decided to make the pie today so that when we pick up JP at the airport at like 11:55 pm we can have a midnight snack when we get home. I told Lily she was fully responsible for the pie making. I set out all of her ingredients […]