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Today was a day for getting stuff done. I went to my surgery post-op appointment. The doctor said I am healing really well but he recommends that I sit out of softball one more week just to be sure my body is ready for it. As bad as I want to play this weekend I […]

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One of the things on my “2012 – To Do List” is get a passport. I have been putting it off for years… but on 1/13/12 I had an appointment at the USPS to cross it off my list. Check out what I got in the mail today…. it took less than 2 weeks to […]


…. IT DOESN’T EXIST!! After work today I had to go home and grab something then I headed to the DMV. I knew the place closed at 5:00 but I figured I could just drop in do my business and be out. I was wrong. Here is a picture of the outside of the building. […]