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My dearest friend Angela was in town this weekend. We never fail to have a good time together. Usually we just chill out by the pool and hang out with friends. But this time we headed downtown with Nicole and did the CityScape Adventures Scavenger Hunt.  We didn’t come in first… or last place. But […]


Back in June 2010 I wrote a quick blog post about how excited I was to be moving to a house with a porch swing. Look how excited I was that day! So fast forward four years and I am just as happy. We have made a lot of memories on that swing over the […]


Almost every Friday Cameron comes over around 4:00 PM. Around 4:45 I get a text from her mom asking if she can stay over until after 8:00 while she takes Conrad to baseball. Then by the time Crystal texts me again to say shes home the girls ask if they can have a sleepover here […]


Today we took a family trip to Historic Market Square. Market Square is a traditional and historic shopping district in Downtown San Antonio, TX. The district is the largest Mexican shopping center in the city. It is also called El Mercado by the locals. I have always admired the flower crowns that they sell all […]


Vanessa, Chris, Isabel, Sofia and Cael finally made it to San Antonio around 5:00 this morning.. After sleeping for a little while it was time to hit the pool and hang out. The girls love the pool floats… maybe I need to buy more of them. Cael and I floated around for a while. Kelli, […]


This morning we dropped JP off at the airport… he is going to England for something to do with his work. You have no idea how jealous I am and how bad I wanted to go with him but it just wasn’t possible. So what is the next best thing to do? Have a day […]

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I showed up at Bexar County Court House today and I was there for about 10 minutes before they dismissed all 25 of us. My civic duty is done for now… you only qualify to be called once every 3 years. Once I got back home JP, Lily and I all headed to the grocery […]

Seattle Blvd S Seattle Seahawks at Centrylink Field

It’s Game Day! We love love love our Seattle Seahawks and couldn’t wait to watch them whoop up on the Dallas Cowboys Cowgirls. We didn’t know anyone at the game but in typical social butterfly fashion I talked to a lot of new people. Sometimes I forget how friendly everyone in Seattle is. Check out […]

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Today is the first time in 10 days that I am on my laptop. I was busy hanging out and having fun while Stephanie was in town. It was tough but I narrowed down the last ten days to a handful of pictures. Stephanie is a huge fan of the sun and the pool. She […]


I have been playing softball through the San Antonio Sports & Social Club since 2009. Sure people from our team have come and gone but there are a handful of us that have been there pretty much every season since the team was formed 3 years ago. We have gone through a couple name changes […]

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Lily has the day off school and look what we have tickets to!


Time goes by sooo fast. I didn’t have my camera with me today but here are a few fun pictures that we took with my iPhone. I helped Angela catch some chicks and put them back in their coop. I road a horse for about 15 feet. I almost got beat up by a goat […]

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You may have many friends, or only a few. But have you ever thought about who your true friends are? Some of the people I call friends are only acquaintances, not true friends. What is a true friend? I will tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself. You do […]

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I haven’t updated in a few days because I have been busy with visitors. Corey flew in from Michigan for the week. Stephanie flew in for a few days from Seattle, and Selena from here in San Antonio spent most of the time hanging out with us. It is hard to keep my site up […]

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I was lucky enough to have Suzi take Lily for the evening so we could go out for a nice dinner without worry. The timing was perfect because as she came to get the kids Stephanie had gotten off of work a block away. We went and had a few happy hour drinks and waited […]

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We got back to the hotel around 8:00pm today. JP had some work to prepare for tomorrow and Lily was flat out tired. I called up my bestie Stephanie and told her to head downtown so that we could go out for a drink and some much needed talk time. What is with everyone always […]

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The entire time I have lived in San Antonio I have heard people talk about Wurstfest every November. I guess I always kinda assumed German festivals would be in September/October because of Oktoberfest but this one isn’t. You can read the history of this festival if you click HERE. As you already know I am […]

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It is no secret that we like to have fun around here! We were up pretty early this morning to get Lily to her volleyball game. Then we made a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we all put on our bathing suits and headed out to the pool. Unfortunately I don’t have a single picture from […]

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The last few days have been so much fun and kind of a blur. Can you believe that I have not taken a single picture with my camera? On Sunday we dropped JP off at the airport and Angela and I have been on our own. Here are a few of my favorite pictures taken […]


When I found out I was going to California to visit JP for the weekend I told him we should go see a football game. Our first choice was the San Francisco 49ers but they had an away game so we decided on the Oakland Raiders. On our way from the hotel in Palo Alto to […]


Remember that rain that I told you about on Friday? Well it also happened on Saturday in other parts of town… maybe not at our house but definitely in San Antonio. This past Friday Selena went with me to pick up the t-shirts for our new softball season that was starting today. Our t-shirt this […]