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Look at what came in the mail yesterday! We went from not having this game to having the entire set. Game time friends!!

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We have been on a roll lately with puzzles. This one was so fun to put together because the picture on the box is a bit different from the actual puzzle. This is one of the puzzles that Lily put together after getting it as a Christmas present. Oh and I am totally giving myself […]

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I have played Candy Crush on my iPhone for about a year now. Today I was playing level 252 when I hit the Candy Crush lottery. In this level you have to get 15,000 points in 30 seconds to pass. I knew right away that this was no ordinary level. I was able to play […]

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We put together another puzzle today. There are a few candy brands on here that I have never even heard of. Sadly this is the last puzzle I have… need more puzzles!

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We have spent the last few days working on this Las Vegas puzzle. Once we got down to the last few pieces we realized that we had a problem. Do you see it?


Although Easter was a huge success we did have a bit of drama after dinner. I was washing dishes and while I was washing one of the knifes it slipped and cut my right pointer finger. I knew right when it happened that it was a bad cut. After wrapping it up in a napkin […]

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I showed up at Bexar County Court House today and I was there for about 10 minutes before they dismissed all 25 of us. My civic duty is done for now… you only qualify to be called once every 3 years. Once I got back home JP, Lily and I all headed to the grocery […]

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I’ve told you about my obsession with my iPhone now I am want to show you one of the apps that I’m obsessed with. My favorite game by far is DrawSomething. It’s exactly like Pictionary, but on your phone. You start a game with someone, either someone you know or someone random, and you are […]


Way back in 1996 Nintendo came out with a game console named Nintendo 64. It was a must have during its time. These days we have Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 to keep us entertained but both of those game consoles require lots of movement on the players part. I was telling JP this morning […]

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It is no secret that we like to have fun around here! We were up pretty early this morning to get Lily to her volleyball game. Then we made a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we all put on our bathing suits and headed out to the pool. Unfortunately I don’t have a single picture from […]


Today it was like Christmas day at our house. We have been talking about updating our game counsel for awhile now and today was the day. We went to Best Buy and made a major purchase! Here is JP about to take it out of the box. It only comes with 1 controller so we […]