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Today Lily and I stopped by my friend Jenny’s house and she told me that she has a gift for me. A gift!! I love gifts!! Have you ever seen an avocado slicer? I think I need to go to the store and buy more avocados! Thanks Jenny!


I found a recipe a few months ago that I have meant to try. Today was the day and all I have to say is OMG! This is the perfect summer salad to either make for your family or to bring as a dish to pass at a summer BBQ. This is what summer should […]


I know that I have told you guys about our lime tree many times. Today was an exciting day because I was able to pick a bunch of them. They are the smaller Mexican Limes but they taste ohh so good. There are so many things you can put lime juice on but my new […]


We picked two more limes off of our tree today. And there are still a lot more that are not quite ready yet. I am so excited for the day when we have enough to make something with them. Like key lime pie, margaritas, salsa, guacamole… you get the point. And now for a super […]


It is officially hot hot hot summer time in San Antonio. You know it is hot outside when both Lily and I agree that it is too hot to hang out by the pool. Sounds crazy but it’s true. Lily suggested that we go for a walk. How does that make any sense? It doesn’t […]


Not to long ago I stumbled upon a video online talking about a better way to peel a banana. Yes… you have probably been doing it wrong your whole life. I’m not kidding. Do you want your mind blown? Check out this video. So now that you’ve seen that I will show you another way […]


I haven’t talked about the weather lately but it has been warm. So warm. We are finally in the 90’s every day and the backyard is transforming itself from spring to summer. Flowers are blooming and the citrus is growing. Our grapefruit tree is doing the best so far. We have at least a dozen […]


A few weeks ago we were driving through the neighborhood and we noticed that one of the houses on the corner has a big peach tree. I am not even sure why we noticed it but as soon as I did I was a little envious. Then yesterday I was driving Lily to swim team […]


Do you remember last month when I told you about our new Mexican Lime Tree? If not you can click here to see the day that I bought it. When I bought it I knew exactly where I wanted it planted in our yard. The next time my yard guy came he told me it […]


This afternoon we were out in the yard looking at our citrus trees. We can see lots of new growth on the grapefruit tree and a bit of new growth on the satsuma tree. I have been a bit worried about the satsuma because he hasn’t done anything in a few months. No growth.. no […]


Back on June 1st JP, Lily and I went shopping for lemon and lime trees. They were sold out of those so we ended up with a grapefruit tree and an orange tree. They were in pots for about a month until our yard guy told us they needed to go in the ground. He […]


I was walking through the produce aisle today at the grocery store when I spotted this box. Not only do they have an awesome name but their orchards are located in Washington State. Funny how being all the way down here in Texas how I always find so many ties to Washington.


I ate two more orange today and I saved the seeds. Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside a seed? We started the germination process today and if it works like it should we should have buds in no time. Then in about 10 years we will have fruit producing orange trees.


Last week JP and I were parked down the road sitting in the truck while waiting for Lily to get off of the school bus. I can’t remember where we were going but we wanted to leave as soon as she got off the bus. As we were sitting there talking I noticed that the […]


The good news is my friends are awesome. Seriously how many grown adults do you know that will come over and play dress up with you? Cain is doing his best Batgirl impression, I am Minnie Mouse and Selena played Wonder Woman. The bad news is this morning I walked out to check on our […]


Back in May of 2010 I did a post about Loquat click here to read what I wrote back then. Only back then I didn’t know what it was called. Today Lily and I were at Selena’s house and there were like 3 huge trees of them growing in her neighbors yard. Lily jumped out […]


I was walking through the produce isle at the grocery store when I noticed some little tiny orange things sitting there next to the kiwi. I asked the produce guy what they were and he said they were kumquats. I know that I have heard the word before but I never in a million years […]


If there is anything I know about Lily and JP it is that they like to snack. They like to be able to walk into the kitchen and grab something quick out of the pantry or fridge. If the snack they want involves any work they will move on to the next option. When I […]


I was at home alone today during the middle of the day and the door bell rang. This is weird for two reasons. First reason is I wasn’t expecting anyone and secondly because we live in a gated neighborhood and in the last year and a half only one person has came to the door […]


For my entire adult life I was under the impression that I didn’t like grapefruit. I would hear the word grapefruit and cringe. I think it goes back to my childhood when I would eat them with a huge pile of sugar on top but never really enjoy the taste. The funny thing is that […]