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A few days ago our friend Barbie called from Austin and told me that she is headed down to the beach for a couple of days. After talking to JP we decided it would be fun to meet her down there. We spent two awesome days on the Gulf of Mexico. We always love the beach. 

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Yesterday Lily told me that she wanted to have a few friends over for a pool party. So pool party we did. These kids were so much fun! 

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Like two months before the event I was invited to the Facebook location in Austin, TX to be part of a panel. I was allowed to bring one friend with me so I brought Liz. They gave us a tour of their office, feed us lunch, and asked us lots of questions. I am so […]


When you stop blogging for a while it is amazingly hard to catch back up. I looked through our May memories and this is what I came up with. Sorry if this page takes longer than normal to load but it will be worth it. This is our month in .gif files! We spend a lot […]


My dearest friend Angela was in town this weekend. We never fail to have a good time together. Usually we just chill out by the pool and hang out with friends. But this time we headed downtown with Nicole and did the CityScape Adventures Scavenger Hunt.  We didn’t come in first… or last place. But […]

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This morning Lily and I woke up early and headed up to Everett, WA to spend some time with my friend Shauna and her family. I feel like I have known Shauna forever and I see her periodically (you can find her in earlier posts if you search her name) but I haven’t seen her […]

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Today I made fajitas for dinner from a delicious recipe that my sister Vanessa taught me. It was a total hit. JP, Lily, Lynette and I loved it. Since we were having fajitas I served tortilla chips and salsa on the side. Lily doesn’t usually eat the salsa but she loves the chips. I am […]


Years ago when I first moved from Michigan to Washington one of the first real friends that I made is a guy named Jeff. I met him at work and we became fast friends. His mother Linda also worked there but I didn’t really know her that well. Once I started hanging out with Jeff […]

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Today JP, Nicole and I went to Oyster Bake. We haven’t gone since 2011 if you want to read what I wrote last time click here. This is my favorite picture from Oyster Bake 2011. This year Oyster Bake was fun… but kinda disappointing. We had two main reasons for going. We wanted to eat […]

Beth & I say CHEESE!

Early this morning JP, Beth and I all headed to the airport. Beth had a flight to Michigan and we had a flight to Mississippi. We had so much fun in the last few days. It is kinda funny looking back because there are huge time gaps with no pictures involved but there were lots […]

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Beth is visiting from Michigan and the main thing she wanted for her Texas trip is warmth. Michigan had a hard winter and she is ready for some sunshine. Luckily today was the perfect pool day… not to hot and not to cold. This morning I introduced her to breakfast tacos. After we ran a […]

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Are you ready for a little Throw Back Thursday? This post seems very appropriate considering that Beth is flying from Michigan to San Antonio later this evening. I have known her since 4th grade when she moved into the house across the street. I am so glad that we have kept in touch all these […]

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A few months ago my good friend Angela moved from Florida to North Carolina. I have wanted to go visit her in North Carolina but I haven’t had any free time lately. When I finally had a couple of days free she told me she was gonna be home in Florida that weekend… what would […]

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Yesterday I flew from San Antonio to St Louis and JP flew from Portland to St Louis. And Angela and Chris drove from South Dakota to St Louis. And Amanda lives in St Louis. What happens when you have that many cool people in one room? Awesomeness happens! Although they have heard a lot about […]


Last night JP and I took a late flight from San Antonio, TX to Portland, OR. We almost always stay at Kimpton Hotels and since there are three of them in Portland we tried a different one this time. Check out the view from just outside the doors this morning. Portland is so beautiful. On […]

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I have confessed on here before that I use an app on my iPhone named Snapchat. I am not even sure why… it is kinda ridiculous but I guess it is amusing enough because I actively use it. Maybe it is because I like taking selfies? As of January 1 Southwest Airlines changed their flight […]

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Yesterday afternoon we got in the car with our friend Amanda and roadtripped to Nashville, TN for the night. She told us a couple of weeks ago she was going to drive down there for one night to go to a going away party for a friend of hers. You know us… always up for […]


Almost every Friday Cameron comes over around 4:00 PM. Around 4:45 I get a text from her mom asking if she can stay over until after 8:00 while she takes Conrad to baseball. Then by the time Crystal texts me again to say shes home the girls ask if they can have a sleepover here […]

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I had my weekly meeting with my friend Amanda today. That’s what we are calling it from now on… not happy hour, not drinks… simply our weekly meeting. Kinda makes it sound more important, right? We drank cheep beer. Miller High Life is the self-proclaimed Champagne of Beers. And the DJ let us play DJ […]

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I had a weird couple of days in St Louis.  JP and I flew there on Sunday and our plan was for me to fly back to San Antonio on Wednesday and him to fly back to San Antonio on Friday. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans. JP ended up […]

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Guess which NFL team is 3-0 after last nights game! If you said Seattle Seahawks that is the answer I was looking for. Boo-ya! My friend Amanda here in St Louis sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to happy hour when she got off of work. Sure… I mean who says […]