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Once in a Blue Moon … is a common way of saying not very often, but what exactly is a Blue Moon? According to the popular definition, it is the second Full Moon to occur in a single calendar month. The average interval between Full Moons is about 29.5 days, whilst the length of an […]


I had the day off of work today so I had a little more time to prepare dinner than usual. We had another beautiful 75°+ day so I decided BBQ is the way to for todays dinner. At the grocery store today I bought a new marinade that the chef recommended. The HEB that we shop at […]


On Saturday’s Lily usually wakes me up around 8am to tell me she is hungry. This morning was no exception. Just last night she was telling me about how disapointed she was that the pumpkins went moldy in just one week. After I fed her breakfast I decided we could have a little bit of fun. I poked my head […]


Today me and JP wanted to get away so we went to our local hang out. We played darts and for the first time in his life he hit a dead center bulls eye! I was soooooo impressed! I have never seen this before in my life, even though I played in the WA state […]

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Today in San Antonio it was a sunny 75° so naturally the domestic goddess in me thought we should BBQ. Here I am preparing my last meal of 2009. Then JP grilled it. We call him the Fire God! Guess what we made?