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I think by the last full day of our trip to China we were done. We had one last thing we wanted to see though. We got on a ferry and headed on the hour long trip to Macau. There are lots of things to see in Macau but we didn’t feel like touristing we […]


I am about to share a secret recipe with you! Have you ever been invited to a get together but you were not sure what to bring? Problem solved. I can’t make any promises about the calorie count but I can totally promise everyone will love it! These are the only ingredients you need. Put the block […]


Check out what I found when I opened this Halloween box. I actually stopped everything I was doing and sat down to dress each McNugget in the costumes I thought they belonged in. Sometimes feeling like a kid again is such a good feeling. I was thinking I did pretty good until I had left over […]

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Up until about a year ago I had never eaten anything from Chick-fil-A. I would see their billboards and be fully amused but not being a big fan of chicken sandwiches I never went there. A few weeks ago Lily wanted to go because they have a play place similar to the one atMcDonald’s. She […]