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JP and I spent the last few days on the Oregon Coast with some of his family. Marlene wanted to rent a house on the coast for a few days to celebrate her birthday. We rented a beautiful house on the ocean just outside of Seaside, OR. JP and I flew in on the last […]

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Stevie's first catch of the day.

This morning Lily, Stephanie and I picked up the kids from my brother James’ house in West Seattle. Our destination was the Olympic Peninsula to go sand dollar hunting and to visit the Olympic Game Farm. What a fun day! Check out the pictures below. Like this:Like Loading…

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My niece Ayla came to visit us here in Texas for a few days from the Portland, OR area. The weather here and the weather there are two completely different things… she described it as HOT. We spent a lot of time in the pool. Her friend Pam drove down from Austin and joined in […]

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My sister-in-law Joy tagged me in this picture today. I really think I need to take a trip to Alberta, Canada! Like this:Like Loading…


Back in June 2010 I wrote a quick blog post about how excited I was to be moving to a house with a porch swing. Look how excited I was that day! So fast forward four years and I am just as happy. We have made a lot of memories on that swing over the […]

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I have good news for the world, today I met my brand new nephew. Bruce Jasper Z was born at Tacoma General Hospital on April 25th 2014 at 6:59 AM to Pauly and Katie. He arrived weighing 5 lbs 12 oz and was approximately 19 inches tall. Oh and did I mention that he is […]

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This morning I called my brother before I left Seattle and asked him to go out to breakfast with us. This is my brother James and I. The drive from Seattle to Portland is pretty boring. It is even more boring when you drive it by yourself. I stop so many times when I do […]


My sister Vanessa has been a blogger since February 2008 and I have followed her since probably her first post. Now that I am thinking about it she might have been my blogging inspiration… who knows? If you go to Robertson Family Update you can check out what she has been up to. Vanessa and […]

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Have you ever wanted to join a biker gang? Now is your chance. Well… if you live in Portland, OR then now is your chance. You don’t even need your own bike because we can borrow them from Hotel Monaco. Today around noon my niece Ayla and I set out on what ended up being […]


This morning my niece Ayla met me at the hotel and then we headed out for a Portland adventure. Our original plan was to use the loaner bikes that the Kimpton Hotel has for guests but we decided it was a little to cold and rainy for that so instead we got in the car. […]

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The reason for our trip to Camano Island was because JP’s mom Marlene wanted us to be at the store with them when they upgraded their cell phones. Keep in mind that they have been eligible for an upgrade for 8 years…. yes, 8 years! So we went with them to the Verizon store with […]

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After work today JP drove from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA to pick me up. Once he had me in the car we headed north to Camano Island, WA to stay the night with his parents. It takes over an hour to get there from Seattle. While they might not technically by my parents I […]

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Every year my sister Vanessa makes a calendar full of pictures from the previous year and send them out to all of my brothers and sisters. Actually… I am not sure if she sends them to all of us but at least most of us. She might even send them to nieces and nephews… I […]

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Early this morning JP and I got on a flight from San Antonio, TX to Detroit, MI to go see some family and watch them make pierogi. Every year they get together and make pierogi to eat for Christmas. Usually when you show up for the party you are supposed to bring a filling to […]

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We woke up today and had a few hours to kill so we headed to the beach. Afterward we packed up the room and headed for a couple more photo ops before leaving Key West. One Human Family. The southernmost point in the US. I love love love palm trees. And lastly we boarded the […]

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Scariest picture I have ever taken. Parasailing!

 I have over 1,000 photos from our Key West family vacation. It was so hard to narrow down my favorites but I did my best. If you click on the pictures it will pull up a gallery.   Like this:Like Loading…

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We have so many pictures from our Key West family vacation that it is hard to pick which ones to post. I pulled out all of the best .gif files to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I can’t really explain this one but it cracks me […]

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A couple of months ago when we started talking about Thanksgiving week Lily convinced us that we needed to go on a family vacation somewhere warm that week. San Antonio is usually pretty warm still in November but something crazy happened this year. Look at the temperature as we headed to the airport this morning. […]

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My father died six years go today. This morning my sister posted this on her Facebook. Kinda makes you think, right? I went back in to my photo archives and found some pictures of my dad that I want to share with you guys. I am not exactly sure what year this picture was taken […]

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Based on our day today you can say that F stands for one of two different things. Either Florida or Family. We don’t really have family in Florida but we do have a few people that we consider to be our family. You can’t chose your family but you can choose your friends and call […]

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It was suppose to rain all day today. Not like a drizzly drizzle but a flash flood kind of rain. Last night before bed I told Pauly we shouldn’t be scared of a little rain… let’s be adventurous and go hit Don’s Fish Camp on the San Marcos River for some toobin. So this morning […]