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One of the things on my “2012 – To Do List” is get a passport. I have been putting it off for years… but on 1/13/12 I had an appointment at the USPS to cross it off my list. Check out what I got in the mail today…. it took less than 2 weeks to […]

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Last night JP and I took an evening flight to San Jose, CA. We left on Saturday evening so that we could get some tourist time in before he had to be at work in Cupertino on Tuesday. We didn’t really do much on Saturday night because our plan was to wake up on Sunday […]


A: When you are talking about the military. When we were in Port Townsend we had a little bit of time to kill until we had to be back at the ferry dock so we decided to go take a look at Fort Worden State Park. I have been there one other time when I […]


In my opinion one of the absolute best things to do in Washington is to go to the Olympic Game Farm. I have been there a bunch of times through the years and I am never disapointed. Most people go to the Olympic Peninsula to go to the Olympic National Forest or to see the town of Forks, […]


We had a huge day today! We took almost 500 pictures and did lots and lots of stuff so I have to break up the postings a little bit so I can talk about everything so bear with me! We left the house around 7:00am to catch the 8:45 sailing at the Coupeville Ferry Dock. […]


This morning our big plan was to drive over to Whidbey Island and take the ferry over to Port Townsend which is on the Olympic Peninsula. Our first stop was in Anacortes, WA to see a little place called Mt Erie. Oh and evidently you have to beware of owls and dusk at dawn. The […]


Did you know that one of the nicknames for Seattle is The Emerald City? I believe the reason it is called that is because of the lush green trees. I lived in Seattle for 10+ years and I am still in awe of how big and tall the trees are. When Lily and I woke […]


I don’t think I have mentioned this yet but JP went to work for a different company. Since he has started with them his traveling has increased and will continue to increase. He had to be in Houston, TX today for work so last night I drove with him and we stayed the night at […]


Today was one of our favorite days of our vacation so far. We took so many great photos that I have decided to break this up into two postings. We covered a lot of ground today and explored the greater NW portion of Michigan. When we woke up this morning the first thing Lily said […]


Check out the map below. We put in a solid 8+ hour day today of being a tourist and driving really far! Lily slept for the first couple hours of our trip while we went from St Ignace, MI to Paradise, MI. Right before we drove into Paradise I saw Lake Superior. Sure she was sleeping […]


When we were starting packing up to head out this morning it started raining. The rain pretty much lasted ALL DAY LONG. With the exception of a few breaks.. and I mean a few like 3 or 4 that lasted for a couple minutes. We decided that was not gonna stop us from seeing all […]


We left Vanessa’s house this morning and headed north on Hwy 23/I-75. The town that we had in mind to stop at for the night is less than 3 hours away so we were not really in a big hurry to get there. Our first stop was in Flint, MI. If you know anything about […]


Ok kids it is Geography time! I mentioned a couple days ago that Lily and I are going on vacation soon. We have a direct flight to Detroit, MI on Thursday 6/16 and we have a direct return flight on 6/30 to San Antonio, TX. We don’t really have a firm plan its just gonna […]


Have I ever told you about my love for hotels? I seriously think I could live in a hotel if it was an option.  Since we were already going to drive to Houston to pick up Shauna, Gage and Teylor we decided it would be fun to go up on Thursday and get a hotel […]


This is the only picture I took today. It’s a picture of what I did today to amuse myself while I sat through Lily’s volleyball practice. As you guys know I love to take pictures. I usually use my camera but sometimes it is easier to use my cell phone.  I looked and as of today I have […]


We woke up this morning and were on the road by 9:00am. This was by far the longest leg of the trip. Check out this cool race car truck we saw. And once we got out of Louisianna we hit Mississippi and then on to Alabama. I took this picture of downtown Mobile. Then we […]


In true Lily form she woke me up at 6:30am to tell me that she was hungry. The hotel restaurant doesn’t open until 7:00am so I told her we could go for a walk on the beach. It was super foggy when we woke up but to quote JP “Even the worst day at the […]


Today after work we packed up the truck and headed to the beach. Door to door it is exactly 180 miles from our house to the Holiday Inn Sunspree which is located right on the Gulf of Mexico. For those of you that don’t know here is a little geography lesson. Point A is San Antonio […]


Once we got to West Yellowstone we rented snowmobiles from Back Country Snowmobile Adventures. The rental was not nearly as much as I thought it might be. We paid a little over $100 per snowmobile and we could use them for the entire day. The people were friendly and it didn’t take long until they […]


We woke up this morning in South Haven knowing that in just a few hours we would be in Chicago, IL. We had tried unsuccessfully for the last two days to have Sherman’s Ice Cream. Right when we checked out of our hotel room we headed to Captain Nemos and I ordered my ever sought […]


When I was a kid you use to be able to tour the Kellogg’s Cereal factory. Rumor has it that in 1986 someone stole a top-secret recipe when on a factory tour so in turn they stopped giving tours. The factory is in a town named Battle Creek. You pass by Battle Creek on your way from […]