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This is actually the second face-in-hole that I am making. Last year I did one with Russell Wilson’s head. It’s super duper simple.  You need: A poster, hard poster board, a pencil or pen, 1 sheet protector (optional), double sided tape, and x-acto knife.  First you need to decided how big make the hole. I […]


A few months ago I started making individual servings of jello. I realized that when I make a big bowl of jello it doesn’t all get eaten. So now I make individual jellos pretty often. Check out this picture from back in November. I use 8 ounce canning jars.  Today I was making more jello […]


I read a lot of food blogs online looking for new cooking ideas. Lately I have been looking up different ideas for sandwiches. JP and Lily love BLT’s and a few days ago I saw an article about weaving bacon… yes, weaving bacon. First you will need to weave the bacon. Cut 3 slices of […]


We didn’t really do much today. I only took two pictures (for SnapChat) and a screen shot. Wanna see them? This is a screen shot from a TIME Magazine article. Good job San Antonio!! And here are my two SnapChats for the day.


I have a new favorite snack. OKIOS Cucumber Dill Dip. I would recommend dropping everything right now and heading straight to the grocery store. YUM!


I found a recipe a few months ago that I have meant to try. Today was the day and all I have to say is OMG! This is the perfect summer salad to either make for your family or to bring as a dish to pass at a summer BBQ. This is what summer should […]


I tried something new for breakfast today. Ham & Egg Cupcakes! Ingredients: 12 slices of ham fresh basil (or herb of your choice) 6 tbsp half & half 1/4 cup shredded cheese 6 large eggs salt/pepper Preparation: 1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. 2. Using two slices of ham for each cup, lay the ham […]


The first time I ever had a Caprese Salad was right after I met JP. He ordered one for us to share after I told him that I had never tried it before. To this day when we order them in restaurants we still order one and share it. Today I made it at home […]


I am so proud of myself today so I totally have to brag. I went out to the pool to pull out all the leaves and vacuum it. When I started vacuuming I could feel that the suction wasn’t as good as it should be. So I went in the pool house to investigate. I […]


This is kinda hard to admit but when I was a kid I grew up in a messy house. As an adult the messy kinda stuck with me but not as bad as when I was little. Once I hit about 25 I started caring about living in a clean house. Then over the last […]


You know the joke about how many people in takes to change a light bulb? In our bedroom we have a ceiling fan with lights on it but we never turn the lights on because they are so bright. We both have lamps on our night stands that we use instead. The other day as […]


It is that time of the year again. In our yard the leaves fall off of the trees in February and March. I think the weather helped the process start a little earlier this year because there are tons of leaves already falling. Every day I have gone out to the pool and fished at […]


I love guacamole. I have tried lots of different guacamole in my life and I am pretty sure that I make the best kind. I think the secret is the limes… I want lots of lime juice when I bite in. So since I was in the mood for good guac today I made some […]


Lily has been asking to make cookies for a few weeks now. I know that most people go all out with their Christmas cookies… but not us ours are pretty simple. We used my mom’s sugar cookie recipe. Then used the few cookie cutters and sprinkles that we had on hand. I should probably buy […]


The day after Halloween is probably harder than the day after Christmas. We have so much stuff in the yard that needs to be taken down. I spent about 2 hours taking everything down and boxing it up. I needed JP’s help to get the big things out of the trees. Luckily he landed early […]


A few months back I made Baked Ziti for the first time but I used penne noodles instead of ziti. You can view the recipe that I used here. Lily requested the meal again so this time I made it correctly with ziti instead of penne. It turned out perfect. And my food critics gave […]


This is way to cool not to share. The refrigerator in our apartment in St Louis is a GE CustomCool. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to test it to see if it really works. I had two glass bottles of Faygo Red Pop for my experiment. For those that don’t […]


When I asked Lily what she wanted for dinner today and she said spaghetti I knew right away that was not happening. I don’t make spaghetti in this house… that is JP’s specialty and he is out of town. I told Lily I can make something similar but different instead. I had an idea in […]


For a long time now I have wanted to paint the pool house. Not the whole thing just the trim around the windows and doors. Right now it is an ugly brown color. I have laid out by the pool many times wondering what color would look best. At first I was thinking some type […]


When I lived and worked in Seattle my favorite place for lunch was always The Palomino. Seriously anytime anyone offered to buy me lunch that is where we were headed. The Palomino is the first place that JP and I ever ate a meal together. And it is also an excellent spot for happy hours […]


Last year I was on a business trip with JP in San Francisco, CA when we ate at a restaurant named The Stinking Rose. It was garlic heaven! It was also the first and only time that I have had roasted garlic. Ever since then every time I cook with garlic I think back to […]