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A few months ago I subscribed to the magazine Cooking Light. We love our home cooked meals and it is nice to get ideas from other places. The recipe for pork chops with fennel, orange and olive salad caught my eye.  This was my first time cooking with fennel. I had no idea that it smells […]

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We’ve waited a long time for crawfish to come back in season. Today Groomer’s Seafood had their first shipment of these delicious little crustaceans.  Of course we had to play with our food before we cooked it. Lily is the one who likes to purge them. I think it’s mostly because she gets to play […]


The first time I ever had a Caprese Salad was right after I met JP. He ordered one for us to share after I told him that I had never tried it before. To this day when we order them in restaurants we still order one and share it. Today I made it at home […]

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I was prepping dinner for the BBQ today and JP was starting the charcoal when Lily asked if there was anything she could do. I never pass down a chance to assign her a task so I told her to top off the water level with the hose. I love it when they are both […]

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Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza? I’ll tell you something silly but amusing. When you order a pizza online have you ever noticed the space that says “special instructions”? The last three times I ordered pizza I have put “please draw a picture on the inside of the box” in that space. It worked the first […]

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This picture is from last weekend but it makes me laugh when I see it. Can you guess which one is use to temperatures in the north and which one is use to temperatures in the south? And here is a picture of Lily in a tree… that’s it.

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After we left the cemetery we set out on foot in the general direction of the train station. One thing I learned about walking around in Hong Kong is to look to the right before you step off the curb. Living in the US we are used to looking to the left to see if […]


A few months back I made Baked Ziti for the first time but I used penne noodles instead of ziti. You can view the recipe that I used here. Lily requested the meal again so this time I made it correctly with ziti instead of penne. It turned out perfect. And my food critics gave […]


When I asked Lily what she wanted for dinner today and she said spaghetti I knew right away that was not happening. I don’t make spaghetti in this house… that is JP’s specialty and he is out of town. I told Lily I can make something similar but different instead. I had an idea in […]

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Today was a pretty typical Monday for me. Do you remember my confession about what I do on Mondays? Just in case you don’t remember… I don’t usually do anything. Today was no exception. I only left the apartment a couple of times and that was just to go down to the basement to do […]

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Every once in a while JP makes dinner and when he does I love it. Today was one of those days. He has a few cooking tricks up his sleeve but besides BBQ my favorite thing that he makes is spaghetti. I am not sure what is up with me and spaghetti but if I […]

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Have you ever had Sake? That is what JP asked me as we were looking at the menu as we sat in a Japanese restaurant. He ordered a bottle and when it came I was surprised by how small the bottle was. Then the waitress set down the glasses that we drink it out of. […]

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What is the BBQ Cookoff? I took this directly from the website: The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Bar-B-Que Cookoff is an annual event that occurs prior to the start of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Nearly 300 teams of the world’s best Barbequers compete in this championship event. There is live music throughout the day, […]


I have always been a big fan of guacamole. Not really the store bought kind so much but the fresh right at your table kind they make in restaurants. Surprisingly I have never made guacamole at home. I wasn’t even sure until last week if Lily liked it or not. Today I bought the ingredients […]


Today is the first day of Food Week at my house. What is food week? It means that all week are making silly good things to eat. Some recipes are things we have had this past year and others are things I have been meaning to try. Today I kicked off Food Week with Crock […]


I tried something new in the Crock Pot today and it was a total success. I found the recipe somewhere online so I can’t take complete credit but I made it and it was both Lily and JP approved. Ingredients: 4 Chicken Breasts 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar 1 Tbsp Brown Mustard 16 oz Chunky Salsa […]

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I was completely on my own today. Lily is with her dad until tomorrow morning and JP is in Portland, OR. I don’t usually get Lily back til Wednesday but since she is off from school this week for Thanksgiving her dad is dropping her off tomorrow morning. I have a really fun plan for […]

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I have told you guys a bunch of times that I am a huge tomato fan. I love them and will find any excuse to add them to something I am making. Today we bbq’d chicken for dinner and our sides were corn on the cob and tomatoes. To do this I simply cut the […]

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San Antonio Tamales side of road interstate 37 Loop 1604

When we were driving back from the coast this afternoon we hit a bunch of traffic. The speed limit is 70 mph but we probably averaged 60 or less. Not to long after we hit the Bexar county line traffic stopped. I am talking like less than 5 mph. We saw the sign for 1604 […]


Today I spent my morning at the San Antonio Food Bank as a volunteer doing some administrative work. Here are a couple of pictures that I snapped while I was there. This is a map of the 16 counties that they cover. And a map of all the different food banks in Texas. After I […]

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I would say that today was a pretty perfect day. JP is back in town, Lily is in a good mood and we get to celebrate my birthday. We woke up this morning to breakfast in bed. We had no idea that Lily was already awake so when she came in our room with a […]