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I am so excited to tell you about what we did today. Lily and I went to the rodeo at the AT&T Center here in San Antonio. The rodeo around here is a really big deal. It goes on for over three weeks and each night after the rodeo there is a concert. Which night to […]

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I did not want to get out of bed this morning to drive Lily to school… at all. It has taken a long time but I finally have her well trained for school mornings. Her alarm goes off at 6:20 am but mine doesn’t go off until 6:30 am. In the 10 minutes before I […]


Every once in awhile something happens. I can’t really explain it. And I don’t usually know that it is happening. Then the sun sets and as I lay snug in my bed a thought occurs to me. I DIDN’T TAKE A PICTURE OF ANYTHING TODAY! In my head I recapped my day and I totally did things […]


The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo has been held every February for the last 61 years and it lasts almost 3 weeks at a time. After the rodeo there is always a show or concert of some type, today was Reba McEntire. I love love love me some Reba! This was my (I think) 6th time seeing […]