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Our friend Nicole told us about SantaCon San Antonio a few weeks ago. If you know anything about me then you know that I love wearing costumes. I could not resist the invite and of course I went as Ms. Claus. JP went as a Santa Seahawks fan.   I bought my Ms Claus dress […]


It is no secret that Halloween is the best holiday of the year. And of course me being me I have thought (for months now) about what I want to wear this year. The tricky part of picking a costume is trying to get JP to wear something that goes along with my costume. I […]


I love being crafty! About a month ago I found out about somewhere that we are going at the end of the month and ever since my mind has been going crazy about what to wear. I thought and thought and thought and finally came up with something. We need to wear wings! Blue and […]


Anyone that has known me for a while knows that I love love love costumes. And that if I can find any excuse to wear one I will. Today I was flying solo to meet up with JP in St Louis. As you know I sometimes wear costumes to pick him up from the airport… […]


I did it again! JP had a late flight into San Antonio and since Lily ditched me for the weekend to go camping with her grandparents I had a chance to wear a costume to the airport when I picked him up. I wonder if this will ever get old to him. Among a ton […]

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I’ve told you guys that sometimes when I pick JP up from the airport I wear a costume. It all started when we were dating long distance and he would come to visit. I wanted to do something different and exciting. What could be more exciting than standing in an airport full of people waiting […]

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It’s time for Halloween, A day for trick or treat, When the kids dress up in costume, And walk proudly down the street. They ring a lot of door bells, And collect a lot of candy too, And if they happen to see a ghost, They will be greeted with a boo. Pumpkins light up […]

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JP and I went to a costume party this evening. This is the 3rd year in a row that we have gone to the Halloween party at this house. Always good conversation and lots of fun. Can you guess what JP and I are dressed up as? I hung out with Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. […]


The good news is my friends are awesome. Seriously how many grown adults do you know that will come over and play dress up with you? Cain is doing his best Batgirl impression, I am Minnie Mouse and Selena played Wonder Woman. The bad news is this morning I walked out to check on our […]

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Sometimes when Lily gets bored she asks me if she can go in my bathroom and play with my makeup. I only say yes half of the time and she is always so excited when I say yes. I was doing some stuff to get ready for our trip when she came out of my […]


One of my favorite things about JP is that I am constantly learning from him.  He has taught me a lot about collectible things. I was going through a pile of papers and I stumbled upon a huge stack of old Santa photos. Based on the dates on some of them and what the children […]

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The entire time I have lived in San Antonio I have heard people talk about Wurstfest every November. I guess I always kinda assumed German festivals would be in September/October because of Oktoberfest but this one isn’t. You can read the history of this festival if you click HERE. As you already know I am […]

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As I was getting ready for my softball game today I realized that it is the day before Halloween and I should be wearing a costume of some sort. I had zero time to plan for this one but this is the best I could come up with for a costume and still be able to […]


Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year there were lots of weekend parties. I’m really surprised I don’t have more pictures but here is Alice, JP Zombie and Minnie Selena Mouse. Ta-da! Here are a few more costumes. I even got to dance with Rhianna. And we can’t forget Popeye. Selena considered wearing these […]


After not seeing JP for like 17 days both Lily and I  missed him a lot! Since all of us have been out of town and eating in restaurants and other peoples homes I figured instead of going out to dinner after we picked him up from the airport eating at home would be a […]


Every once in awhile something happens. I can’t really explain it. And I don’t usually know that it is happening. Then the sun sets and as I lay snug in my bed a thought occurs to me. I DIDN’T TAKE A PICTURE OF ANYTHING TODAY! In my head I recapped my day and I totally did things […]


JP has been out in California all week for work. Do you remember what I did back on October 18th? If you have been reading this website for awhile you know that I have done this more than a few times. I have never worn the same costume twice so in order to keep up the tradition […]


We went to a production today at Lily’s school. I can’t remember the exact title of it but it was a mix of three different Dr. Seuss stories and they sang and danced to music. Pretty cute if you ask me! Do you see Lily? See how much taller she is than the other kids? That’s […]

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I have never really been a big fan of apples but today at work when I was thinking about what to make for dinner apples came to mind. I started googleing and I came up with Apple Stuffed Pork Chops. These are the basic ingredients. Once everything is all chopped up and put in the […]


Me and JP headed down to Fatso’s Sports Garden to watch the Seattle Seahawks vrs Chicago Bears game today. Although its kinda far from our house we chose Fatso’s because that is where the passionate fans hang out. When we walked into the bar the entire bar… literally THE ENTIRE BAR started hooting and hollering […]


Sometimes when I leave my home I am forced to go undercover. Those damn paparazzi are always following me around. Here I am in my best disguise. I am a sexy beast. Do I make you horny baby? Come back to my groovy pad and let’s shag. This is my scene and I am freakin out!