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When I lived and worked in Seattle my favorite place for lunch was always The Palomino. Seriously anytime anyone offered to buy me lunch that is where we were headed. The Palomino is the first place that JP and I ever ate a meal together. And it is also an excellent spot for happy hours […]


Last year I was on a business trip with JP in San Francisco, CA when we ate at a restaurant named The Stinking Rose. It was garlic heaven! It was also the first and only time that I have had roasted garlic. Ever since then every time I cook with garlic I think back to […]

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Lily had her first class today at Young Chefs Academy. The class started at 6:15 so we left the house at 6:00 to be sure we would be on time. Sometimes the best plans don’t work out… we were like 7 or 8 minutes late but luckily they hadn’t started yet. I Google mapped our […]

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For a long time JP has talked about figuring out how to use our smoker. He has barbequed steaks a bunch of times but had never smoked anything until a few weeks ago when he tried doing beef ribs. They turned out okay but were a little well done. Ever since then he has been […]


I love tomatoes. I mean I love love love them. If I could put them in everything that I cook then I would… and I usually try to. Today I came up with a way to eat them that is so simple and seriously delicious. All you need is a baking pan, tomatoes, goat cheese, […]


I saw a recipe a couple weeks ago on Pinterest that I have been meaning to try. Since JP was flying back from Portland, OR and would be home in time for dinner I decided that today was the day. The original recipe came from here but I changed it up a little bit and […]

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Remember a couple months ago I made Meatloaf Cupcakes? Well this time I decided to try something a little bit different. I used almost the exact same recipe but instead of using a cupcake tin I used a pie plate. This is what it looks like before I added the sauce mixture. And after I […]


As of today I am officially 33 ½ years old. I realized that when I looked at the calendar but what is even cooler is that my friend Tiffany text me and said “Happy 1/2 Birthday”. I have a hard enough time remembering peoples actual birthday much less their 1/2 birthday. Since it is a […]

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I love having projects for Lily to do because that way she is always learning and always busy. Seriously there is nothing better than a kid with something to do. Today I told her we were going to try again to make the rainbow cupcakes… again. Last time we used yellow cake mix and the […]


Do other people eat soft boiled eggs? I never hear anyone talk about eating them. I love love love them and so does Lily. I am not a big fan of hard boiled eggs because I like them cooked less. I think it is perfect when you crack into the egg and the yolk is […]


What would Halloween be without pumpkin pie? We decided to make the pie today so that when we pick up JP at the airport at like 11:55 pm we can have a midnight snack when we get home. I told Lily she was fully responsible for the pie making. I set out all of her ingredients […]


Remember the sugar cookie batter that we made yesterday? Well today we turned them into cookies! It was Lily, Cameron, Selena and I ready to be cookie chefs! Rolling out the dough. Lily’s favorite part was cutting them out. Here is our first batch fresh out of the oven. This is a batch that I […]


JP is out of town again this week in what seems like his other home state of California. I’ve told you before that things are a lot lazier around here when he is gone. Today after gymnastics I told Lily we needed to head to the grocery store to buy some ingredients for something that we […]


I don’t think I have ever told you guys this before but I am a big fan of fish tacos. My love for fish tacos started a number of years ago when I discovered them at a place in Seattle named Blue Water Taco. I used to go there on my lunch hour… so good! […]


Around 1:30 I got up and made lunch for JP and I. On the lunch menu today he had: Turkey & Cream Cheese Wrapped Green Onions, Grilled Turkey Sandwiches and Lays Potato Chips with a Hint of Lime, and a Diet Coke to wash it down! It is so satisfying to put it all together on the tray […]


As you know I have taken more and more of an interest in the kitchen. In my spare web surfing time I find myself spending more and more time on websites that sell kitchen stuff. I haven’t actually ordered anything yet but I sometimes I catch myself saying “oohh” or “ahhh” out loud! Here are […]


Last night I made a salad that called for bacon bits so when I was cooking and Lily asked me how she could help I told her she cold make the bacon. I set out the pan for her and turned up the heat. She has seen bacon made but has never done it on […]


Ever since I took more of an interest in the kitchen I have taken more of an interest in kitchen stuff. I told JP a while ago that I wanted a food processor but I have yet to be cooking and say to myself “I wish I had a food processor”. I guess I don’t […]


Our friend Angela came over for dinner today and brought her dog Cheeky with her. While I was making dinner they made the cookies. Here is Lily trying to decide how to ice them. Here is the one that I decorated! Then we played a couple games of Pictureka. After that I went upstairs and grabed […]


Ok first I want to say Happy Birthday to JP’s mom Marlene! I wish we could be in Washington to celebrate it with you! Speking of Washington… I have been hesitant to cook fish ever since I moved to Texas. I mean living in the Pacific Northwest for so long completely spoiled me and made […]


You know the old saying about the grass being greener on the other side? Well that is not the case behind our house. If you go to the back fence on the right side of our yard there is a gate that opens up into the green belt. When my brother James came to visit […]