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I would guess that about 80% of the people that come to our house at one point will end up in the pool. The math is pretty simple: San Antonio + dessert climate + 90° or more outside + big blue wet pool in the backyard = POOL TIME! So now imagine that when you leave my  house you forget your sunglasses. Next time you […]


3 Tickets to Gulliver’s Travels: $35.00 Candy, Pop & Popcorn at the concession stand: $26.00 Seeing Lily excited to see this movie in 3D: Priceless! Oh and this one is for Erica! You totally missed out because I hung out with Justin Beiberhead after the movie!  


I told JP and Lily earlier this year that as soon as they start advertising Six Flags season passes as “buy for 2011 and get the rest of 2010 for free” I was all over it. Like a week ago they started advertising for Fright Feast so we bought season passes. The park is less […]


Back on Feburary 2nd of this year I bought the most candy I had ever bought at any one time in my life… until today! I had to pick up candy for a work thing next week so we headed to Costco. The picture doesn’t do a very good job of showing just how much is in there but just keep in mind that […]

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When we were at Costco today we bought bottled Coca-Cola to put in the cooler.  When I was unwrapping the box I saw the paper labels that needed to be taken off before we put them in the cooler.. if we left them on it would gum up the works in the cooler. When I peeled […]

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I have always thought it was awesome that you can buy Coca-Cola in the bottle here in San Antonio! I think it tastes better than Coke in a can, plastic bottle or out of the fountain. The coolness just increased like crazy now that we have the Coca-Cola cooler to put them in! The cooler you see is from the 1950’s. […]