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A couple of weeks ago JP, Lily and I were in Target looking for a t-shirt for Lily when I found a t-shirt for myself. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. Sure I might be a little old for Sesame Street but who doesn’t love Oscar the Grouch? […]


I am not sure how I always let it come to this… but I do. I feel like my bedroom closet is always a mess. Maybe it’s because it is not in my normal routine so it only gets totally cleaned out like once a year or so. It gets vacuumed like once a week […]

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I went and picked up our t-shirts for the new softball season that starts on Sunday! We are sapphire again. Same color, new logo! This morning I was getting ready for work and JP said “Did you hear that?” I said “What?” he said “On the radio” I was like “Uhh no, what did they […]


Everytime I would see people wearing them that is the sound I would make… Ugg. I can hardly believe it myself but in preparation for my trip to Montana this weekend I bought a pair. Ugg.


Today JP and I got all dressed up and headed to his work Christmas party. I think this picture says it all. Never a dull moment.


That’s right people only 9 more shopping days left until my birthday. Can you believe I am gonna be 25 (insert crowd laughing sound here). I went to Nordstroms after work today. Here is a picture of what I bought. What do you think is in the bag? ?


For the last few months I have been on the search for the perfect pair of jeans. I have always been a of 7 For All Mankind kinda girl but I figured I would try to branch out. A couple months ago I bought a pair of Joe Jeans that I love but they didn’t quite […]


I was told that quitting smoking would make me hungry. They were right. I am always hungry. A snack here, a snack there, a meal here, another snack…OMG! I decided it is time to start running again. I have been thinking about starting up again for awhile now but so far I have found ways […]