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Merry Christmas my friends! We had a pretty low key day today. I don’t think anyone even changed out of their pj’s.  We opened presents. And ate really good food. Check out these hilarious napkins. JP made his famous smoked ribs. Someone sent us a new Seahawks flag that we hung up right away. We […]


We finally got our Christmas Tree today.  It was hard decision. But I think we found the perfect tree. And of course I had to wrap some gifts to put under it. 


Our friend Nicole told us about SantaCon San Antonio a few weeks ago. If you know anything about me then you know that I love wearing costumes. I could not resist the invite and of course I went as Ms. Claus. JP went as a Santa Seahawks fan.   I bought my Ms Claus dress […]

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This morning JP and I got on a flight bound for Seattle, WA to have dinner at his brother’s house. Typical me…  I wanted to dress up for the occasion. I even found an elf at the airport. He told me that he left the North Pole last year to come work for Southwest Airlines. […]


Merry Christmas! I am glad that there isn’t a rule against celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve because that is exactly what we did. If you know anything about JP and I then you know why this gift tag is HILARIOUS! I love putting the stickers on Lily’s toys for her. I am not sure what […]

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Santa Claus is coming to our house tonight… a night early. After talking to Lily and JP about it we decided that it is probably the elves coming to our house since Santa will be busy making a list and checking it twice. Click below to hear the Reba McEntire version of I’ll Be Home […]


Today after dark JP, Lily and I went down to the San Antonio Riverwalk to check out the Christmas lights. The San Antonio River Authority spends a month or two putting lights up along the 1.3 miles of the river. They put up and impressive 1.76 million LED lights. It is definitely a sight to […]

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This afternoon JP, Lily and I went and got our Christmas tree. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. I think it’s funny how picasa keeps putting sparkles on all of my Christmas tree pictures.


For some reason we are just not that into decorating for Christmas this year. Usually we go all out and make our yard a sight to see. This year none of us really feel like it…. so we decided not to. But you know me… I can’t just do NOTHING with the yard. So I […]

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Have you seen cars driving around with antlers attached to the windows and a big red nose/ball on the front? I saw the first one a couple of years ago and I think it might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Last year we kept seeing a bunch and me and Lily would […]


Ever since the day after Christmas I have hoped that somehow my decorations could take themselves down and put themselves away… no such luck. Yesterday I gathered everything Christmas related and put it all in the same room but then I ran out of motivation. Today was the day that I was gonna get it […]

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Every winter JP’s parents spend a month or two in Palm Desert, CA to get away from the cold weather in Washington. When Marlene called to tell me their travel plans I knew that we had to find a way to go meet up with them. Luckily they get to Palm Desert on December 31st  […]

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First we checked our stockings.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Since I have over 100+ pictures from our awesome day I picked out my favorites to share with you.

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I was standing in the kitchen when Lily turned to me and said “I have to know… does this hat make my head look big?” We both laughed so hard!

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Today we drove out to Pipe Creek, TX to take a look at their Christmas Trees. I was so excited when I found it on the internet because I had no idea that there are tree farms in South Texas. Check out this awesome elf sign. Did you know that real Christmas trees are good […]

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Presents opening people picture christmas

Do you realize that tomorrow is December 1st! The other day when we were hanging Christmas lights in the yard I found the box with the fake evergreen garland in it. I knew I would use one of them for the mantel and the other two for the stairs. They come pre-strung with lights so […]

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This morning I stood in my house looking around at all of the Christmas stuff. I knew that this was the week I had to get it all put away but I didn’t feel like doing it. So I sat down, drank a cup of coffee, surfed the internet, and tried to motivate myself. After […]

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This morning my eyes popped open at 7:30am and I began to wonder why Lily hadn’t woken me up yet. I laid there for a little while listening to JP sleep and wondered if I should try to fall back asleep. I was way to curious about why I was the only one awake so […]

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It’s Christmas Eve and it got me thinking about Christmases past. Unfortunately there are a few years missing that I am working on finding copies of but here is Lily over the years.. Here is Lily on Christmas Eve 2004 over at my brothers house. Look how small she is! This is Lily on Christmas […]


Today is my first day of having Lily on her two week long Christmas vacation. I figured it would be a good day to a few projects to get her into the Christmas mood. Ok, who am I kidding she is 100% ready to open those gifts under the tree! I put this tray in […]