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We finally got our Christmas Tree today.  It was hard decision. But I think we found the perfect tree. And of course I had to wrap some gifts to put under it. 


If you live in the San Antonio area this is how you get rid of your Christmas tree.


I submitted this photo to my friends as my Christmas Tree picture of the day… they told me I had to re-take it because that is NOT a Christmas Tree. I didn’t… I am out of the contest now.


Here is my Day 2 Christmas Tree picture.


Remember last year when I did the photo a day of a Christmas Tree in December? I am at it again! I found this tree in the lobby of Chase Park Plaza in St Louis, MO today.


Ever since the day after Christmas I have hoped that somehow my decorations could take themselves down and put themselves away… no such luck. Yesterday I gathered everything Christmas related and put it all in the same room but then I ran out of motivation. Today was the day that I was gonna get it […]


I have bad news about the Christmas Tree Challenge. Selena didn’t take a picture for the last two days of the contest… but I did! Here are my last two trees of the year.


Here is my picture of the day. And Selena’s picture of the day.


I am a little bit sad that our Christmas Tree Challenge is coming to an end in a few days. I have tossed around a couple of ideas for other challenges we could do but I haven’t talked to Selena about it yet. For today here is my picture. JP and I put this arrangement […]


Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean our Christmas Tree Challenge is over. We are keeping it going until December 31st. Here is Selena’s picture of the day. And mine.


I can’t believe we made it all the way to Day 25! Only 6 more days and we did it! Here is Selena’s picture of the day. And my picture of the day.


Today is a very special day for our Christmas Tree Challenge. Not only is it Christmas Eve but you get to see the trees in our houses. Here is Selena’s tree at her home alone with other fun stuff. And the tree at my house.


Today our Christmas tree pictures are of a sweet nature. This is the picture I snapped in the grocery store. And as Selena would call it today is definitely a “sweet treat tree day”.


Here is Selena’s Christmas tree picture for today. And here is mine.


Here is Selena’s Christmas tree picture of the day. Have you noticed yet that she works at the mall? And here is my picture of the day. I have no idea what happened but all of the sudden my nose is like a faucet. It reminds me of that old joke. “Is your nose running?”


I think Selena took her best Christmas tree picture ever today. She told me she had to chase this girl down the mall to stop her and get her picture. And here is mine for the day.


I can’t believe it has been 19 days since we started this challenge! Here is Selena’s day 19 tree. And mine.


Today I couldn’t decide between two pictures that I took so I am posting both of them. This one was taken near the courthouse in downtown Portland. And the other in Tigard. Selena snapped this awesome picture at Express in North Star Mall.


Here is my Christmas tree picture of the day. And here is Selena’s.


I snapped my picture of the day inside of Whole Foods in Portland, OR. Does Selena’s picture of the day look familiar? She snapped hers at my house while doing us a favor!


We are half way to the finish line! Do you think we can keep this up for another 16 days? Here is my picture of the day. And Selena’s picture today includes her super cute niece and nephew!