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Merry Christmas my friends! We had a pretty low key day today. I don’t think anyone even changed out of their pj’s.  We opened presents. And ate really good food. Check out these hilarious napkins. JP made his famous smoked ribs. Someone sent us a new Seahawks flag that we hung up right away. We […]


Merry Christmas! I am glad that there isn’t a rule against celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve because that is exactly what we did. If you know anything about JP and I then you know why this gift tag is HILARIOUS! I love putting the stickers on Lily’s toys for her. I am not sure what […]


Today after dark JP, Lily and I went down to the San Antonio Riverwalk to check out the Christmas lights. The San Antonio River Authority spends a month or two putting lights up along the 1.3 miles of the river. They put up and impressive 1.76 million LED lights. It is definitely a sight to […]


Last Saturday I told you about our adventure when we went to get our tree. Well by the time we were back home and ready to deal with it it was time for Lily to go to her dads. So that day all we did was stand the tree up and fill it with water. […]


Remember that project that I told you we started yesterday? Well today Selena helped me put the finishing touches on it and we hauled it out to the yard. What do you think? Here is a closer look at the melted Frosty the Snowman that we made. Not counting waiting for the paint to dry […]


Do you realize that tomorrow is December 1st! The other day when we were hanging Christmas lights in the yard I found the box with the fake evergreen garland in it. I knew I would use one of them for the mantel and the other two for the stairs. They come pre-strung with lights so […]


Can you guess what we spent the day doing today? I’ll give you a clue. It involved a ladder!  


I was driving through my neighborhood after dark the other day and I couldn’t help but notice how many people still have their lights up. We are guilty of still having our lights up, but we are not the same guilty as the dozen or so houses who have their lights ON! After school I […]


Today Lily, JP and I went out and bought a Christmas Tree. We bundled up, trudged through the snow, got out our saw and cut it down. Ok, just kidding that isn’t really how we got it but I do think that version sounds more Christmasy. My two favorite people and our new tree! See […]

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I learned a long time ago that it is hard to photograph Christmas lights. Then I learned last month in my photography class why it is so hard to photograph Christmas lights. Then I learned how to make them look better with a better camera… then we no longer had said camera that would make […]


Most people check their mail every day, but we don’t. I am guessing that if our mailbox was attached to our house we probably would but it is actually about a 1/2 block away like everyone else in our neighborhood. I have actually had people ask me if I got something in the mail from […]


I know, I know… it is not even Thanksgiving yet but I have totally been thinking about Christmas already. More specifically I have been thinking about decorating for it. Last weekend I saw my neighbors getting their lights up and it got me thinking about what I wanted to do in our yard this year. […]


I would guess that about 80% of the people that come to our house at one point will end up in the pool. The math is pretty simple: San Antonio + dessert climate + 90° or more outside + big blue wet pool in the backyard = POOL TIME! So now imagine that when you leave my  house you forget your sunglasses. Next time you […]


Today was a warm sunny day in San Antonio. JP, Lily and I spent some time outside taking down the Christmas lights and putting everything up in the storage area out in the garage. While we were out there a Schwans truck drove by. It turned down the street a block away. I had Lily […]


I had this idea a few weeks ago and on Christmas Eve I set it into motion. I emailed pretty much everyone in my address book and posted on my facebook asking people to send me a picture that they took this Christmas. Thanks to everyone who helped make this posting possible! I am not […]


I am sitting in the living room waiting patiently as JP hooks up some of the electronic stuff. I am hungry and thinking about putting the tamales in the steamer. Last year we decided our Christmas Eve tradition would be to eat mexican tamales for dinner on Christmas Eve. Here I am sitting in the big […]


Here is our 2010 Christmas tree. This is the big bushy noble fir that we treked through the snow for. Here are a few of my favorite ornaments. Lily’s Snowbabie (they never put my name on this kind of stuff). My Dad sent Lily this ornament before he died. I still love it even if […]


Today after dinner Lily, JP and I all headed over to Six Flags. A couple months ago we bought 2011 season passes which cover the rest of 2010 as well. They have lots and lots of christmas lights up all over the place. When we first got inside the park our first stop was The Goliath which is […]


When I was a kid going to get a Christmas tree was a big deal. We would have to dress warm, trudge through snow, search, and finally find the perfect tree. Once we found it my Dad would get down on the ground and use a saw on it until it hit the ground.  Then he would drag it […]


Today we started putting up our christmas lights outside. Here is a picture of the lights we have to work with. We didn’t have to buy a single strand of lights this year. Here is Lily helping to put lights on the tree. And me wrapping them on the railings. It was JP’s job to do […]


Today I was totally motivated to decorate for Christmas. I have these awesome ideas in my head about lights, garlands, etc but I couldn’t convince you know who to help me. I decided to take it upon myself to get it done. I climbed the tall ladder in the garage and the first thing I […]