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We woke up this morning at JP’s parents house on Camano Island. The first thing Lily said to me after I got up was “Mom, did you look outside?”. It was late and dark when we got there last night so she had no idea that we were right on a cliff  looking over the water. Camano Island […]


I don’t think I have mentioned this yet but JP went to work for a different company. Since he has started with them his traveling has increased and will continue to increase. He had to be in Houston, TX today for work so last night I drove with him and we stayed the night at […]


That our vacation is only 8 days away! Maybe it is actually 7 days? We leave very early next Tuesday!


I have mentioned before that I am a member of the employee club at my work. I was the lead for the Valentine’s Day event. I told you about it in my February 1st posting. Today was the day that we picked up the balloons and then delivered them to people desks. Here I am […]


Today Lily had her two best friends Adeline and Cameron over for a Valentine Themed sleep-over. I pre-planned a few things to make sure they would have lots of fun. I told them they were all my Valentines. I have mentioned that I love Department 56 stuff. Remember my posting about the Snowbabies and about […]


At my work we have an employee club that does different things throughout the year to boost employee moral and make work a little bit more exciting. The name of our employee club is “Social Stag” because our company logo is a stag. I have an officer position so I am pretty heavily involved with what […]


Today after dinner Lily, JP and I all headed over to Six Flags. A couple months ago we bought 2011 season passes which cover the rest of 2010 as well. They have lots and lots of christmas lights up all over the place. When we first got inside the park our first stop was The Goliath which is […]


I have told you before that I like sugar. I really really like sugar so it only makes sense that I would like candy. Yes, I love love love candy! I am not sure if candy is the reason I like Halloween so much but I am sure that somehow it all makes sense eventually. […]


Have you ever had Puppy Chow? Not the stuff you feed your dog, the stuff that is peanut butter, chocolate, and crispy deliciousness! Lily, Adeline and I made some today. The fist step is to measure the amount of Crispix you are going to use. Then in a pan melt the chocolate chips, butter, and vanilla. […]


Today after I put dinner in the oven Lily and I mixed up a batch of peanut butter cookie dough. Thankfully we didn’t have any crazy accidents with the kitchen aid mixer. Then after dinner Lily, JP and I put the cookies on the sheets. Say cheese guys! We decided to make these after seeing them in a magazine earlier […]

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JP’s birthday weekend started today! For the first night of his birthday weekend he had the northern version of chili relleno (Yes Cathy & Louis I called it chili relleno) for dinner. Then we all went out for a swim and surprised him with a birthday cake. His absolute favorite German Chocolate. His actual birthday is Sunday so […]


Back on Feburary 2nd of this year I bought the most candy I had ever bought at any one time in my life… until today! I had to pick up candy for a work thing next week so we headed to Costco. The picture doesn’t do a very good job of showing just how much is in there but just keep in mind that […]

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We made chocolate covered strawberries and tangerines today. I was inspired by O’s recipe blog page!