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Today I texted about 25 people and all I said was “Send me a picture of something… anything!”. Here are the facts: 4 people didn’t respond 3 people sent me x-rated pictures (sorry not included below) 2 people asked why 8 people sent more than one picture 2 of the people who sent more that […]

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Once in a Blue Moon … is a common way of saying not very often, but what exactly is a Blue Moon? According to the popular definition, it is the second Full Moon to occur in a single calendar month. The average interval between Full Moons is about 29.5 days, whilst the length of an […]


You know sometimes when you take a picture you think you got the perfect shot but when you go back and look at them you realize they are not very good… or they are blurry… or someone looks mad when their not… or someones was not ready to have their picture taken? Well those are […]

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Have you ever heard of Lomography? I have heard the word a few times but up until yesterday I didn’t really know what it was. When we were walking in downtown Austin I saw a Lomography camera store. I went in and asked the guy a ton of questions about it. After he explained a […]


I haven’t really had a lot to blog about this week. JP was out of town in Atlanta, GA and I was home. I did the usual Domestic Goodess stuff (laundry, cleaning, organizing, etc.). I also prepared us for Christmas 2011. This is the first year since we have lived in Texas that we will have Lily […]

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I went to week 2 of Fundamentals of Photography today. I enjoyed the class today just as much as last week if not more. This week we learned about Depth-of-Field. I would really recommend this class to anyone who wants to get more familiar with their camera. I think I paid like $50 when I […]

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I went to my first official photography class today! I found it through a community education website about a month or so ago. For the first time in my life I sat through a class and actually heard every word that the teacher said. My mind didn’t drift in any direction other than what he […]

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I told you earlier about the experiment I did with Lily today. There were a total of 58 pictures on the camera when I picked her up. I admit that I took a few of them first thing this morning. Here is Lily at SeaWorld this morning when we were waiting for the counselors to […]

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In the last few days I have discovered that it is kinda cool to take a picture of our reflection. I am not sure why I have never thought to do this before?? These picture were taken in the window of a vacant building in downtown Manistee, MI.


This is the only picture I took today. It’s a picture of what I did today to amuse myself while I sat through Lily’s volleyball practice. As you guys know I love to take pictures. I usually use my camera but sometimes it is easier to use my cell phone.  I looked and as of today I have […]

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Today is the first day in a long time that I was able to come home and not really do anything. JP works in Austin on Wednesdays so me and Lily are always on our own. I am usually so busy doing stuff that I don’t really get any me time. I found some today! […]


I am fascinated with black and white photos. I think they are so beautiful. Imagine a time when television was just invented, people read colorless printed newspapers, everyone smoked cigarettes, and family was what mattered most. I think what I like most is when you look at the pictures you look at their faces not at the bright […]


As usual first thing this morning Lily told me that she was hungry. I was not in the mood to make pancakes or waffles but I had to make her something. So I reach in the pantry and grab the oatmeal. I asked Lily if she liked oatmeal. I know for a fact that I […]


I was sitting at work today daydreaming about what to take a picture of and then I started thinking about my lost camera. Sad, very sad. I couldn’t help but think about how stupid a lot of my pictures would be from now on because I would have to use my phone. Don’t get me wrong I do have […]


JP has taught me a lot of things over the past few years. One of the most valuable things I have learned from him is about saving pictures. As you guys know I take pictures every single day. And pretty much every single day I upload them to my computer and then shoot them up […]


I had this idea a few weeks ago and on Christmas Eve I set it into motion. I emailed pretty much everyone in my address book and posted on my facebook asking people to send me a picture that they took this Christmas. Thanks to everyone who helped make this posting possible! I am not […]


Today we were up earlier than usual because I had a 10:00am kickball game. We lost the first game 3-5 but we won the second game 9-0 due to a forefit.  Here are the Ball Kickers. JP is the biggest sports fan I have ever had. He goes to almost all of my kickball, softball & volleyball games. I […]


My sister Vanessa took her kids Isabel, Sofia and Cael to get their pictures taken today. Are these not the cutest little kids you have ever seen? They all live in Michigan. Isabel just turned 4 years old, Sofia is 2 years old (and a leap year baby) and Cael just turned 4 months old.


I love staying in hotels. I mean I really really really love staying in hotels. Last night we had a room at the Grand Hyatt in downtown San Antonio. There is a walking trail directly from the hotel to The Alamo Dome where we went to the concert. So I love hotels and I love eating breakfast in […]

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…sun! I don’t think I have ever seen this before today! We are suppose to hit 90° today so maybe that has something to do with it?   Acording to the internet: Cause The ring is caused by sunlight or moonlight being diffracted as it passes through cirrostratus clouds that are usually at altitudes above 20,000 […]

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Since I had to stay home with Lily the last two days I have been using my time to get stuff done.  The office is almost completely unpacked now. This is a BIG deal.. just ask anyone who saw it before this week.  As I was unpacking I found a Polaroid camera. Remember those? Imagine my suprise […]