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So I was standing out by the pool minding my business when I noticed something out of the corner of my mind.  Do you see it? Look closer. AHHHHHH!

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We have lots of insects in our backyard but I think my favorite are the blue dragonflies. Check out this dude that we saved from drowning in the pool. Here are some fun facts that I found about Dragonflies. 1 ) Dragonflies were some of the first winged insects to evolve, some 300 million years […]

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Early this morning I was starting to make coffee and I noticed something on the floor. Upon closer examination I realized that it was a scorpion. Yes, a scorpion. He appeared to be dead but learned from our last scorpion encounter that they play dead if they sense danger. Instead of immediately freaking out I […]

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Today I was out by the lime tree when I noticed something crazy looking on one of the branches. I checked the entire tree and thankfully they were only hanging out on one branch. I cut the branch off to avoid further infestation and then turned to my favorite website What’s That Bug. I couldn’t […]

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I haven’t talked about our pet geckos lately so today I went outside after dark to get some pictures of them. Pretty much every night from about March until November you can walk outside and see them climbing on the side of the house. They hang out in the shadows by the light and wait […]

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I have told you guys before that one of my jobs at home is to keep the pool clean. JP calls me Miss Sexy Pants Pool Girl or MSPPG for short. I haven’t vacuumed it in a few weeks so it really needed some attention. After breakfast I put on my bikini and headed out. […]

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This afternoon I was walking to back to the house from the pool house when I spotted a walking stick hanging out on our house. He was way up by the second set of living room windows. I am not sure how long he was there but he stayed in the same place for the […]

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Do you know what likes hanging out at the pool? Bees and wasps do. They don’t want anything to do with us while we are in the pool but they still freak me out a little. They land on the surface of the water for just a few seconds then fly away… but there are […]

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I was outside this morning when I saw a big long worm crawling in the driveway. Worms don’t really bug me and I don’t usually pay much attention to them but this one caught my eye. Not only was he super long but he had a really funny shaped head kinda like a shovel. After […]

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I have told you guys before how much noise the birds make outside in our yard during the day. It is literally like a bird symphony out there. Well just a couple weeks ago we started hearing noises outside at night… loud noises. Okay I mean really loud noises that go on and on and […]

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It seems like I have been on a kick lately about things in our backyard. I have one more guy to share with you. These guys are called Mediterranean House Geckos and you can see them every night. They are nocturnal and hang out on both our front porch and on the back side of […]

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Since we had such a long day yesterday we decided today was a day for relaxing. I know I have told you this a bunch of times but I love love love that we have a pool in our backyard. When I first met JP we would always talk about things that we wanted in […]

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It is no secret that Texas has a lot of bugs. Lots and lots of them and most of them are pretty big. I mean they don’t say “Everything is bigger in Texas” for nothing. I also keep reading news reports and stuff talking about how the bugs are out sooner because we never really […]

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Today Lily had a half day of school so we took advantage of the time off and headed to The San Antonio Zoo. I was a little worried that it would be super busy but since the weather was kinda drizzly on the way there I was optimistic. I figured if it started raining like […]

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Here are some fun facts about 13: This year there are 3 Friday the 13th’s and all 3 fall exactly 13 weeks apart (1/13,4/13 & 7/13) this hasn’t happened since the early 80’s but it will happen again in 2015. If today scares you then you may have paraskavedekatriaphobia (also known as friggatriskaidekaphobia). Those are […]

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Remember this summer when I told you about the abundance of hummingbirds in our back yard?And my need for another feeder? Well a couple months ago they all disappeared. ALL OF THEM! I thought it was because I let their feeders run dry for a day or two but after talking to a few locals […]


Since winter is drawing near it is time to winterize the pool area. This means cleaning out and organizing the pool house, removing and storing all the cushions and taking down the umbrella. I was standing there looking at the pool today and it kinda made me sad to think that we won’t be in […]

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I have told you a bunch of times about my plants that live out on back deck. They are very happy and are growing like crazy but there is one problem. The squirrels that live in our backyard are constantly messing with the plants. Maybe it’s because that is the only digable dirt in the back but […]


Around 1:30 I got up and made lunch for JP and I. On the lunch menu today he had: Turkey & Cream Cheese Wrapped Green Onions, Grilled Turkey Sandwiches and Lays Potato Chips with a Hint of Lime, and a Diet Coke to wash it down! It is so satisfying to put it all together on the tray […]

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Last night Lily and Cameron were swimming around in the pool while Crystal and I sat on the pool deck talking. All of the sudden Lily said “Mom, look what I found”. I have told you before that we have lots of wild life in our backyard but this is a new one. I almost […]

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For the last year we have been using a company named Accurate Pest Control. As you can tell from previous entries there are lots of creepy crawlers out in our yard and we would like to keep them out there instead of letting them come inside. They spray inside our house and and also spray […]