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I know you’re probably tired of the squirrel talk but I have some breaking news. The entire time we have lived here we have only seen Fox Squirrels in our yard. But now over the last few days I have seen a different color squirrel. He’s pretty fast though so I haven’t been able to […]


I tried something new for breakfast today. Ham & Egg Cupcakes! Ingredients: 12 slices of ham fresh basil (or herb of your choice) 6 tbsp half & half 1/4 cup shredded cheese 6 large eggs salt/pepper Preparation: 1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. 2. Using two slices of ham for each cup, lay the ham […]

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I remember when I was a kid we had a Sesame Street record with the song “C is for Cookie” on it. So I was really surprised when I saw this cereal box at the grocery store. C is for Cookie damn-it… not cereal.

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When Lily told me this morning that she was hungry I told her I didn’t feel like making breakfast. She said that she would make it. She ran upstairs to grab her American Girl Doll Lilly and their matching aprons. Are they the cutest things ever? I thought she was going to make pancakes but […]

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This morning I did not want to get out of bed. I wasn’t exactly tired I just didn’t want to get up but Lily kept coming in and telling me she was hungry. I told her to eat some strawberries. Next time she came in she said she was still hungry. JP got up and […]


I saw a recipe on Pinterest a few months ago and I have been looking for an excuse to make it. What better reason to make a delicious breakfast than Christmas? Even though we won’t be tasting this until tomorrow morning I will still give you the ingredients and directions. Ingredients: 1/4 cup butter, melted 3/4 cup […]

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I grew up in South Haven, Michigan which is the self-proclaimed Blueberry Capital of the World (if you do a little googling you will find that New Jersey and Maine might want to argue with Michigan about this). Now as an adult I find myself being somewhat of a blueberry snob. Any food with blueberries […]


When I started making breakfast this morning I remembered something that I read online not to long ago. I read about how to bake bacon instead of frying it on the stove. I am pretty sure from this day forward I will always bake bacon in the oven instead of doing it on the stove. […]


Today I spent my morning at the San Antonio Food Bank as a volunteer doing some administrative work. Here are a couple of pictures that I snapped while I was there. This is a map of the 16 counties that they cover. And a map of all the different food banks in Texas. After I […]


I have never really been a big fan of pancakes. I always thought they were kind of a boring breakfast food until a few weeks ago. I was surfing around online when I saw a recipe for banana pancakes. Hmmm… banana! I have been thinking about them since I saw them so I decided that […]


I saw a breakfast recipe for something on Pinterest and I had to try it. It was so simple and so tasty! I deviated quite a bit from the original recipe that I saw but it still turned out great! Ingredients: Hash Browns, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Eggs, Cheese & Bacon Bits. Directions: Put about […]


Do you eat breakfast tacos? We do. I could go on an on about the best places here in San Antonio to get them and what to order. While I don’t usually make them at home I did today. I was digging through the fridge looking for something to make JP for breakfast when I […]

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Lily was up with the sunrise this morning… surprise, surprise. She sat next to the bed playing on my iPhone and telling us to get up. Get up! Get up! Then she said “If I make some coffee will you guys get up?”. She came back in the room in a few minutes and said […]


This morning when I was thinking about what to make for breakfast I remembered the leftover sausage and crawfish that we had in the fridge. I came up with an idea that turned out to be more than fabulous. Keep in mind that leftover seafood is never any good unless you prepare it correctly. You […]

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I’ve told you before that one of the things we really look forward to every week is Saturday breakfast. There is nothing better than sitting with my two favorite people and having breakfast. As I was laying in bed this morning I realized that I didn’t really have anything to make for breakfast today except […]


I was starving this morning and when I looked in the fridge an uncooked portabella mushroom from last night caught my eye. I love love love those things but I have never considered them a breakfast item… until today. I had the mushroom and a dozen of these. First I chopped up the mushrooms and […]


I find myself asking the people in my household on almost a daily basis “What do you want for dinner?”. I would say that 99% of the time the answer is “I don’t know”. Sometimes I wonder if I ask it for fun because, I already know what their answer is going to be. Today […]


I was surfing around on line a few days ago and I was  inspired for today’s breakfast. The hardest part about making this breakfast is chopping everything up. It all looks pretty good, right? Then you make the French Toast batter. Add the milk, eggs and vanilla. I used buttermilk instead of regular milk this time.  […]


Lily and I are sitting at Delta gate #11 in the San Antonio International Airport right now. Our flight is delayed by 20 minutes. We are not all that concerned about the delay though since we are on a direct flight to Detroit. We we both hungry so we grabbed a snack at Dunkin Donuts. Did […]


A couple weeks ago I was making breakfast and I had the idea to try something new. This seems somewhat familiar so I may have had this as a child but I am not sure. Regardless I have since named it “Daisy’s Eggs Nests”. I made it again today and based on what I learned last time […]


This morning we woke up and decided to make a delicious breakfast. While me and Shauna started cooking Lily and Teylor made a puzzle together. We made french toast, sausage and eggs. I love love love coffee! Especially out of my favorite coffee mug! And we also had some very tasty mimosas. We even made virgin mimosas for the […]