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I told you about my adventures in Old Town Spring yesterday so today I am gonna tell you about what I bought! There is a store named Crossroads Collection that makes tea and aromatherapy. My first thought was to look for a tea that I have been wanted for quite a while now. I asked the store owner […]


I think I have told you guys before that I have not doing anything to chemically alter my hair in a long time. Seriously its been like 5 years I think. No bleach, no color… no anything! When your hair is all natural like that it is called virgin! Now I never said that I didn’t want […]


Back in the beginning of April I told you about the new patio furniture that we bought at Greenhouse Mall. They delivered the new furniture a few days after I posted about it but the cushions at that time were loaners. We had to wait awhile for the cushions that we custom ordered. Today was the day! Doesn’t […]

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Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you guys about my new love for the Multi-Purpose Windex?  If I blog about a product or a company that I like I usually shoot them a quick email and let them know that I have good things to say. This is the first time I have gotten a […]


We woke up this morning around 8:00am in our room on the 22nd floor of the hotel.  Last night when we checked in they informed us that the continental breakfast would be on the club level on the 23 floor. So after we showered and got ready we headed upstairs for breakfast. Lily gave the breakfast rave reviews. […]


You know how I am always preaching to you guys about keeping your digital pictures safe by archiving them by sending them up to the sky? Well let me tell you a little story and give you another example why it is fun to be able to go back and walk down memory lane! I have blogged about my […]


I always joke around and say “Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that JP gets up with Lily and I get to sleep in”. But now that I think about it I seriously don’t think I am joking. JP, Lily and Gage woke up and made a yummy breakfast for Shauna and […]


Lily hasn’t gotten a new pair of flip flops since last summer so most of hers and pretty beat up. She has been asking for a new pair for a few weeks now. Today we had a couple hours to kill between when I picked her up and volleyball practice so we headed to the […]


I read not to long ago that there are people who don’t wear deodorant. Can you believe it? I can’t imagine going one day without deodorant much less never wearing it. I have been trying a few different deodorants over the last year or so and these are the ones that I wear the most. The […]


About a year ago I discovered the “philosophy” counter at Nordstrom and I have never smelled the same! I love going there and smelling all the different body washes and checking out all of the different products that they sell. Today I went because I am almost out of boday wash. I bought two scents that I […]


This is the only picture I took today. It’s a picture of what I did today to amuse myself while I sat through Lily’s volleyball practice. As you guys know I love to take pictures. I usually use my camera but sometimes it is easier to use my cell phone.  I looked and as of today I have […]


Today was by far the laziest of vacation days. We didn’t leave our hotel room until about 9:00am and that was only to walk down to the pool. I didn’t get any pictures of all of our pool fun except for this one of Lily’s tattoo that she got at the kids club. We stayed […]


Today we went to La Cantera and walked around. I checked out the new spring line of Coach purses. I drooled over the ridiculous amount of sundresses in stock (I need to start sundress season again soon). I tried on like a million different pairs of sunglasses. For the last month or so I have […]


I had a ridiculously wonderful pedicure today. Remember like a month ago when I injured my toe? This was my first pedicure post nail shed (I truly don’t know what thats really called). I went to a place called Miracle Nail off of 1604/Blanco. The only thing that I don’t really like about a pedicure is […]


We have never liked a shopping mall as much as we like La Cantera. Since me and Lily are always on our own on Wednesday evenings we headed over to La Cantera after work.  My goal was to find the perfect pair of shorts to wear on our trip this weekend. I tried on shorts at […]


I know it is hard to tell in the pictures that I publish but Lily is growing like a weed. She stands at about 54″ tall and it seems like she is getting taller by the day. Lately she has been expressing her awareness of it and it is not in a positive way. She […]


Today was a warm sunny day in San Antonio. JP, Lily and I spent some time outside taking down the Christmas lights and putting everything up in the storage area out in the garage. While we were out there a Schwans truck drove by. It turned down the street a block away. I had Lily […]


Ok first I want to say Happy Birthday to JP’s mom Marlene! I wish we could be in Washington to celebrate it with you! Speking of Washington… I have been hesitant to cook fish ever since I moved to Texas. I mean living in the Pacific Northwest for so long completely spoiled me and made […]


If you love to shop then next time you are in San Antonio make sure to ask me to take you to The Shops at La Cantera. It is an outdoor shopping mall with pretty much every store you can think of inside of it. When I go there I usually park at Macys but today I had […]


Lily are I are always on our own on Wednesdays because JP drives up to Austin for work and doesn’t usually get back home until late. A couple weeks ago Lily told me that she needed a couple more pairs of jeans and for the first time ever she was brand specific. I have a Levi’s girl on […]


Besides on my trips to Michigan and Montana I have yet to wear a coat this season. When I left work this afternoon it was a cool 45° and I was secretly excited about it. My first thought besides “don’t speed on the way home” was about what I am going to wear for the […]