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I am writing this post from a 737 and at about 30,000 feet in the air. JP and I are headed to San Diego, CA aka: City In Motion. Fun Fact: The first time I ever went on a vacation with JP it was to San Diego. That was like 4 or 5 years ago […]

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I grew up in South Haven, Michigan which is the self-proclaimed Blueberry Capital of the World (if you do a little googling you will find that New Jersey and Maine might want to argue with Michigan about this). Now as an adult I find myself being somewhat of a blueberry snob. Any food with blueberries […]

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JP is working from home for the next couple weeks. Do you know how awesome that is? For me it is awesomely awesome! And one thing that makes it even more awesome is that he always brings me coffee in bed!

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I am a coffee drinker. When I first started drinking coffee I took it with lots of sugar and lots of vanilla flavored creamer. As the years went by I ditched the vanilla creamer for regular cream and eventually also ditched the sugar. As of right now I am down to black coffee with just […]

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My good friends Arie and Jeremy are on vacation in England this week and I am proud to say that they took BofC on vaction with them! They taught BofC how to drive in Europe. And they took BofC to Stonehenge. 


We have a bunch of quilts in our house. I would say at least a dozen of them. Nice, heavy, thick quilts. I am not sure where they are all from but I know that most of them are antique, some are Amish and at least one of them was made by JP’s grandma. JP […]

BofC found an Easter Egg!

Hello readers! I wanted to let you know to click on the Adventures of BofC tab above. I just did a big update! A few months worth of BofC have finally been added!   Do you have any BofC pictures that you have taken? Please send them along with a caption so that I can […]


Last night I made a salad that called for bacon bits so when I was cooking and Lily asked me how she could help I told her she cold make the bacon. I set out the pan for her and turned up the heat. She has seen bacon made but has never done it on […]

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Today was a fairly uneventful day. I didn’t take a single picture of anything. Then around 8:00pm I was standing in the kitchen talking to JP when all of the sudden it hit me. It was like seeing a Jackalope in the grass… are you ladies sitting down? JP IS HANGING LAUNDRY! I know.. I know, […]


As usual first thing this morning Lily told me that she was hungry. I was not in the mood to make pancakes or waffles but I had to make her something. So I reach in the pantry and grab the oatmeal. I asked Lily if she liked oatmeal. I know for a fact that I […]

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There is a link at the top of my home page named “Adventures of BofC” I just added this one today. JP sent me this picture while on a layover in Las Vegas.

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Lily thinks she drinks coffee. Her new favorite right now is Pumpkin Spice Lattes minus the espresso with LOTS of whipped cream! 

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I wanted to let you guys know that I updated the Adventures of BofC tab above.