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Although Easter was a huge success we did have a bit of drama after dinner. I was washing dishes and while I was washing one of the knifes it slipped and cut my right pointer finger. I knew right when it happened that it was a bad cut. After wrapping it up in a napkin […]


I want to warn you that the picture below is pretty gross. If you don’t like dead things stop at the first picture please! Everyone remembers Rockey & Bullwinkle, right? We here are some awesome quotes I found! Bullwinkle: Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Rocky: Again? Bullwinkle: Presto! Lion: […]


There is a reason that they say not to drink and drive… and I am not talking about cars! Someone… err I mean some people thought it was a good idea to go for a bike ride to the beach. So we hopped on and headed to the beach. Go Angela, go! Sure we had […]


A few weeks ago we decided we wanted to do our Valentine’s Day dinner at home instead of in a restaurant. It was Lily’s idea to cook crab for this dinner. Dungeness Crab is native to the Pacific Northwest so naturally when I lived there I ate a lot of it. Eating it here in Texas […]

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I gave my 9th pint of blood today to the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center. Only 7 more donations and I will get my 2 gallon pin!


The other night I hurt my right index toe. I am not sure what I did but I was wearing flip flops and the next thing I knew I was bleeding all over the place. My friend Angela was over and she tried to help me fix it. Man or man is it embarassing for people to […]


My friend Shauna sent me a picture of the twins today and it is just to cute not to share. They had their first birthday last Wednesday but they didn’t have their birthday party til this weekend. Doesn’t this picture just scream cuteness? If I was in Washington this weekend I could have taken this […]

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Today I made my 8th donation to the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center. They come to my work every few months. 8 donations equal 1 gallon and because of that I earned a 1 gallon  pin. I am not sure what happened but todays donation hurt more than the others. I totally blame the girl who stuck the needle […]


Here is Lily and the neighborhood crew getting ready to hit the streets with one goal.. a full bag of candy! Isn’t she so cute? Lily and Cameron pounding the pavement. Trick or Treat I stayed home and passed out candy in our scary yard. Check out this vulture. Here is what our yard looks like. […]


Since JP is out of town I had to find a way to keep myself busy today. I decided since outside was done it was time to decorate inside! One of my favorite things today was dressing the skeleton in her Halloween costume. The skeleton stands behind the tiki bar year round in our home […]

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It is that time again! Trying to save lives, one donation at a time. This is my fourth time posting on here about donating blood. I previously did it here, here and here! This is the 7th donation that I have made to them. I believe the next donation is on 12/1 and that is when I will […]


Lily was playing out front after dinner today and took a tumble off of her scooter. Ouch! The odd thing is that she only scraped her chin.


You can always tell that either Amanda or Stephanie are in town when we have to make a visit to one of these places. This time my lucky guest is Amanda. She was trying to cut an avacado when she accidently did this instead. Being a good sport I drove down to Walgreens and bought a bunch […]


Today me and JP wanted to get away so we went to our local hang out. We played darts and for the first time in his life he hit a dead center bulls eye! I was soooooo impressed! I have never seen this before in my life, even though I played in the WA state […]


As of this moment I am officially the bravest person that I know of today! It all started a couple days ago I saw a wasp that kept flying in between some bricks on the outside of our house. We don’t have wasp spray but we do have bug spray so I sprayed the brick […]


It is a typical Tuesday so we were out playing softball. Today we won 10-9 making us the #2 seed in next weeks single elimination playoffs. Go Half-Nutz! These are my two biggest fans JP and Amanda! Me, Amanda & Cathy. I got the worst injury of my Half-Nutz carrier. I don’t think this picture does […]

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The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center was at our work again today. This was my 6th donation, only two more and I am up to one gallon of blood donated! Here I am donating. Last time after I donated Lily asked me to take a picture of the bag of blood so she can […]


JP gets full credit for todays pictures. I thought it was cool that I saw a Road Runner in the parking lot  today until he told me what he saw. Check out these three birds hanging out in the neighborhood eating a squirel.  I looked them up and found out they are American Black Vultures. […]

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I donated a pint of my blood to the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center today. Only 3 more to go and I get my heart shaped pin! When I asked a few of the employees to take my picture they were very willing. When I asked them to be in the picture they were not […]

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So I have a rule on my website that I don’t post pictures that were not taken the same day as they are posted .. but here is the exception. This is a picture of when they cut Shauna to take out the babies. I was at her house today looking through the birthday pictures and […]

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Be Nice To Me I Gave Blood Today

Every once in awhile the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center bus comes to the parking lot at work. Today was my 4th time donating blood to them. I was told that once you do it 8 times it equals 1 Gallon and you get a gold heart pin! Im 1/2 way there! I am […]