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We see this guy pretty much daily in our backyard. He drinks out of the hummingbird feeder by tipping it slightly. He eats out of the peanut feeder and he eats out of the regular feeder. I think the funniest thing about him is that he flys around like a secret agent. He moves really […]


When you stop blogging for a while it is amazingly hard to catch back up. I looked through our May memories and this is what I came up with. Sorry if this page takes longer than normal to load but it will be worth it. This is our month in .gif files! We spend a lot […]

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Last July we came up with an idea on how to stop the squirrels from eating out of the bird feeder. It took them a few weeks but they figured it out. Today I filled the feeder for the first time since last fall. The squirrels noticed right away but they haven’t quite figured out […]

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We have a pair of Cardinals that hang out in our backyard pretty much year round. I believe they are a pair because one of them is almost completely red. The other one is more of a brownish red color like in the picture below. They don’t let me get very close so I had to […]

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All morning I kept hearing a tapping sound out in the backyard. I finally went out to investigate. Check out this beauty. 

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Lately we have been seeing a road runner hanging out in our backyard. He has always been to fast for me to get a picture of though. Today I kinda sorta caught him on film. Watch the top of the fence and you will see him run across it. Then after I saw him I […]

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This morning I woke up in Corpus Christi. Melody had to be at work so my plan was to go eat then head to the beach alone. After a few hours on the beach I was planning on driving back to San Antonio. Things were going well until I got to the beach. It was […]

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I was laying in bed this morning and I could hear lots of birds chirping in the backyard. I love that sound! As I listened I kept hearing another sound but I wasn’t sure what it was. When I got up and looked I saw a woodpecker. I have only seen him around a few […]

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I can’t explain it but every winter the grocery store and strip-mall parking lots fill up with loud black birds. They are aren’t really there during the day but in the early evening they seem to appear out of no where and they are as loud as can be. It is crazy to watch them […]

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For about three hours today two doves sat on the hot tub cover in our backyard. If you look closely you can see them sitting there. They sat there and sat there and sat there. The only time they really moved was to turn their head and look at me when I took their picture. […]

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This summer I moved all of my house plants out into different parts of the yard. I moved them because I was out of town so often that they were not getting the water and attention that they needed if I left them on the deck. I was pretty clever about it… I put each […]

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I have told you before about my fascination with hummingbirds. Lately my opinion of them has changed. I mean don’t get me wrong I still think the are super cute. But now I know that they are jerks. At least 3 times in the last month they have dive bombed me. While they haven’t actually […]

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We checked on our baby bird this morning. A couple days ago he left the container that we made for him and starting climbing up the tree branch by branch. He is now about half way between his the nest we made him and his real nest. I had to use a longer lens on […]

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A couple of weeks ago I told you guys that we have some sneaky squirrels in our backyard. If you don’t remember click here to see them hanging from the bird feeder. About a week ago I bought a new feeder that claimed to be squirrel proof. The exact name was the Perky-Pet Squirrel Stumper. […]

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I was going to name this “angry birds” but not all of the birds are really angry… just a few of them. In the last couple weeks we have had a very heavy flow of air traffic in our backyard. I am not sure if it’s because of the time of the year, or because […]

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I was walking through a store the other day when this caught my eye. SNOW! Really? You can make your own snow? For $1.99 how could I turn down the chance to make 2 quarts of snow. I haven’t actually tried it yet. I think I like the idea of having the package better than […]

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After school today Lily was sitting at the kitchen table finishing up her homework when she said “Mom, there are a lot of birds out there”. I told her that when she finished her homework we could go out and take a look. After she finished we went outside and sat on the porch swing […]

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I have told you before that Lily is pretty fearless when it comes to animals… even dead ones. Right before I put her to bed last night I looked out the window and I saw a bird laying on the deck. It was right below the windows so I assume it must have flown into […]

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I was looking out the window today and I spotted this on our back fence. I didn’t want to scare him by trying to get too close. I grabbed my camera and my big lens and slowly walked out on the deck. This picture was taken from about 40 yards away. I assume he is […]

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Remember this summer when I told you about the abundance of hummingbirds in our back yard?And my need for another feeder? Well a couple months ago they all disappeared. ALL OF THEM! I thought it was because I let their feeders run dry for a day or two but after talking to a few locals […]

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This morning the air conditioning guys showed up as promised. I guess we are gonna have to consider their $89 visit as educational. After they checked the units upstairs and outside, wanna know what they told me? The problem is the air conditioning/furnace air filters… the dirty dirty air filters. It seems like a crazy […]