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Have you ever wanted to join a biker gang? Now is your chance. Well… if you live in Portland, OR then now is your chance. You don’t even need your own bike because we can borrow them from Hotel Monaco. Today around noon my niece Ayla and I set out on what ended up being […]

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Lily had a 1/2 day of school today so at 11:45 I was sitting at the school waiting to pick her up and wondering what we should do today. All of the sudden it came to me… we are going on a bike ride. Not just any ride, we are gonna go off roading. We […]

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Ever since JP moved down to San Antonio we have had 3 bikes sitting in our garage. Lily has asked about them a few times but we never did anything with them. A couple weeks ago Lily asked JP if we had an air pump. The next time we were at Lowe’s he bought an […]