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I went to North Carolina for a few days. I flew in for Angela’s birthday weekend and Angela’s mom flew in from Florida a few days before me. I love love love hanging out with those two girls. We packed so much fun into just a few days.  We saw some stuff in downtown Raleigh. […]

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Beth is visiting from Michigan and the main thing she wanted for her Texas trip is warmth. Michigan had a hard winter and she is ready for some sunshine. Luckily today was the perfect pool day… not to hot and not to cold. This morning I introduced her to breakfast tacos. After we ran a […]

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I have talked about Angela many times on here. She is a little ball of fun. Today she flew in from Florida and Molly drove in from New Mexico. We only had two days with her but we made the best of it. We met up with some of her friends. And fooled around. And […]

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SEAHAWKS fans forever!

I was back in my picture archives again today and I started looking through some pictures from back in late 2008. Every single picture I found of JP and me made me smile. It is funny to think that these pictures were taken 4 years ago. Man… we are getting old! Regardless of how old […]

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I did a search in the search box to the right for the name Stephanie and it pulled up 42 posts. This one here makes 43. Wanna know why I am so excited about Stephanie today? She lands at San Antonio International Airport at like 6:45 tonight… and is staying for 10 DAYS! Yes, 10 […]