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I have good news for the world, today I met my brand new nephew. Bruce Jasper Z was born at Tacoma General Hospital on April 25th 2014 at 6:59 AM to Pauly and Katie. He arrived weighing 5 lbs 12 oz and was approximately 19 inches tall. Oh and did I mention that he is […]

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I went to a baby shower today for our friend Micaela. Since her and George are not from San Antonio a lot of people flew in for the shower from out of town. She had people there from the East Coast, West Coast and some places in the middle.  And it was hosted at my […]

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This morning Vanessa and family were getting ready to head out for a day trip to the caverns out in Boerne. Cael was having a hard morning and was a handful so I offered to watch him at home while they took off on their adventure. I distracted him while they left and once they […]

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My friend Jennifer recently had her 6th child, a baby boy named Jose. So stinking cute, right? When I went to visit her today it was just her, the baby and Annabella at home. I just remembered that I posted about Annabella right after she was born about two years ago. It is amazing how […]


This morning I woke up around 10:00 am and knew I was suppose to be at the wedding hall by 10:30am to help decorate for tomorrow so I had to step on it. I got dressed hopped in my rental car and I was off. When I got there everyone was busy decorating. Staying true to […]


It has been a few days since I wrote because I have been hanging out in South Haven, MI. I did lots of stuff and saw lots of people but I didn’t take a lot of pictures. In no particular order these are some of the things we did: Lily caught her very first frog […]


Today we headed out to Independence Lake which is very near Vanessa’s house here in Whitmore Lake. It’s a pretty nice park that has beach access, a rock climb thing, paddle boat rentals, a concession stand, bathrooms, a splash zone and a playground. Before we left home Vanessa made hamburger patties to bbq for lunch. […]


We made it to Michigan! Lily and I slept almost the entire flight, it was awesome. Lily was a little bit luckier than me though cause she was able to curl up in a little ball and sleep with her head on my lap. Once we landed we headed to baggage claim and then to […]


After we came back from our walk it was time to eat breakfast and check out of the condo. JP, Lily and I had a lot of fun spending the weekend with Shauna, Brandon, Gage, Jaxx and Parker. I snapped this picture just before we left the condo for the last time. Shauna had a […]


One of my favorite things in the entire world to do is hang out at the beach. I don’t mind the fact that sand gets everywhere or that it there is a chance of getting bitten by pretty much anything in the water, I still love it. That was the plan for today… hang out on the […]

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I have been training Lily for awhile to let me sleep until at least 8:00 am on weekends. When we are at home she will literally watch the clock and then she is at my bedside no later than 8:01 am. This morning she woke me up bright and early and when I asked the time she […]


Today we packed up our stuff and headed to the beach for a long weekend of fun in the sun. We are renting a condo down on the Gulf of Mexico on Mustang Island in Port Aransas, TX. Our condo is full water view and only steps from the beach! We are sharing the condo with my dear friend […]


My good friends Shauna and Gage are staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Houston, TX for a few weeks so that Gage can get some treatment that is not available in the Seattle area. He has treatments every day Monday through Friday so they are only available on the weekends. After I dropped off […]


Once everyone woke up this morning Lily helped me make breakfast. Looks pretty good, right? Our absolute favorite thing to do is hang out in the backyard at the pool so that was our plan for the afternoon. Lily didn’t sleep very well last night so she totally took a nap for about an hour […]


I am fascinated with black and white photos. I think they are so beautiful. Imagine a time when television was just invented, people read colorless printed newspapers, everyone smoked cigarettes, and family was what mattered most. I think what I like most is when you look at the pictures you look at their faces not at the bright […]


About an hour before I got off of work today I got a phone call from the nurse at Lily’s school telling me that she had a fever. So I immediately left work and headed to her school. When I finally got her home I took her temperature and Lily was on fire! We have two […]


Since Lily always goes back to her Dad on Saturday evenings we decided to do our Valentine gifts today. Here is our pile of loot. The gift bags are from JP and the yellow package came in the mail from JP’s parents. Lily got an awesome bracelet from JP’s parents and some jewelry from us. I think […]


Next time you are thinking about buying me a gift.. this is what I want. As you already know I have fallen in love with all things Snowbabie. As of this Christmas my own personal collection has begun. When I moved in with JP he already had a few of the character collectibles but here are the three […]


My friend Shauna sent me a picture of the twins today and it is just to cute not to share. They had their first birthday last Wednesday but they didn’t have their birthday party til this weekend. Doesn’t this picture just scream cuteness? If I was in Washington this weekend I could have taken this […]


I took the day off work today to do some shopping. It was perfect. Lily was at school and JP was at work. I seriously think that I bought them the perfect gifts. This is the first Christmas gift that I wrapped this year. A couple weeks ago we bought these towels. I never realized […]

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I have know Amanda M for a very long time. When I met her we both lived in WA. She now lives in NC, and I of course in TX.  I was on facebook today (that is right people… send me a friend request)  and I saw that she had a snow day from work. She posted a bunch of […]