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We see the squirrels do this all the time but it still makes us laugh. Check out this dude chillin on the back porch today. I looked back in the archives and I’ve mentioned this at least two other times. In 2011 I mentioned it here and it 2013 here.  And speaking of strange squirrel […]

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For the last few weeks I have meant to put the hummingbird feeders out. I’m not sure why but I just never got around to it. Then the other day I was sitting out on the back deck and a hummingbird fluttered in my face and squeaked at me. I am pretty sure it was […]


I know you’re probably tired of the squirrel talk but I have some breaking news. The entire time we have lived here we have only seen Fox Squirrels in our yard. But now over the last few days I have seen a different color squirrel. He’s pretty fast though so I haven’t been able to […]

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Last July we came up with an idea on how to stop the squirrels from eating out of the bird feeder. It took them a few weeks but they figured it out. Today I filled the feeder for the first time since last fall. The squirrels noticed right away but they haven’t quite figured out […]

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I warned you. Seriously… it’s not to late to hit the back button. For the love of god… save yourself! Oh you’re still here? Well… this is gross. Really really gross. It’s not to late to turn back. Still here? OKAY… you’ve been warned. Earlier this week my next door neighbor told me that they […]

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My friend Jenny has fostered a puppy for the last few days and today she decided that they are going to keep her. I am not sure what kind of dog she is but she is perfect in every way. They named her Jilly Bean. Her and Lily hit it off right away. Lily would […]

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The leaves that I told you about last week are falling even faster now so this morning I went outside to empty the skimmer. As I was doing that there was a light breeze blowing the leaves that are on the deck in to the water. So I did what seemed like the logical thing […]


Lily’s hamster Chip has been living with us this week. I was a little wary at first but she grew on me pretty quick. It only took a day or two of playing with her to come up with the idea of getting some good pictures of her. At first I was like. But then […]

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Our friend goes to nursing school a couple of blocks away from our apartment. Late this morning she dropped by on her way to class with her friend David who is in town visiting from Las Vegas. I asked him what his plan was while she was in class and he didn’t have one. I […]

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Back in July of this year Lily and I went to the St Louis Zoo. If you click here you can look back at those pictures. What I didn’t tell you guys in that post is that it was so hot that we lasted less than an hour. We made a deal to come back […]

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I haven’t talked about our pet geckos lately so today I went outside after dark to get some pictures of them. Pretty much every night from about March until November you can walk outside and see them climbing on the side of the house. They hang out in the shadows by the light and wait […]

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A couple of years ago I noticed that during the summer the squirrels in our backyard lay on their stomach on the concrete. You can see the post I did about it a few years ago if you click here. It cracks me up every time I see it because it just seems so strange. […]

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This morning we went over to our friend George and Micaela’s house. They rent a house out in the country on a farm with lots of animals. I’ve heard them talk about the animals a lot so we had to go take a look. Check out the baby quail that Lily is holding. Did you […]

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I am not sure what happened while we were in St Louis but we have some new pets in our backyard. I have spotted the Texas Spiny Lizard a few times over the last couple years but not as often as I have seen him today. There have been at least two of them actively […]

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This morning JP left for work around 8:00AM and Lily and I slept in until around 11:00AM. After we finally woke up she was trying to convince me that we needed to stay in the hotel room all day with our pajamas on. A few hours later I finally convinced her that we needed to […]

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So remember my post last week about fixing the pool leak? Yeah… well… it didn’t work. Look where the level was at this morning. Time to try again once JP gets back in town. And this morning when I walked out on the deck I spotted this coozie. I have never seen this thing before […]

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A couple of weeks ago Lily came home from school and told me that she needs to bring a see through plastic gallon container to school for a project that they are doing. I guess I never considered that one day she would bring said project home from school with her. She walked in the […]

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This morning I walked out on the deck and immediately spotted these guys. Pretty much every day if it is warm you can sit outside and watch them run up and down the trees or across the deck. While they are usually scared of us I think they are starting to kinda get use to […]

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This morning I woke up in Corpus Christi. Melody had to be at work so my plan was to go eat then head to the beach alone. After a few hours on the beach I was planning on driving back to San Antonio. Things were going well until I got to the beach. It was […]

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Remember I mentioned the raccoon that hangs out in our backyard at night? It started with him dragging the pool thermometer from the pool to the back deck almost every night. Then he started breaking into the metal trash can that holds the bird seeds. I have seen him a bunch of times now first […]