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I had a weird couple of days in St Louis.  JP and I flew there on Sunday and our plan was for me to fly back to San Antonio on Wednesday and him to fly back to San Antonio on Friday. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans. JP ended up […]


Yesterday we took Stephanie and David to the airport and they headed back to Seattle. Amanda has decided to stay a little longer and spend some time making decisions. I haven’t taken many pictures in the last two days but when I looked back at the photos from this weekend I realize just how much I […]


Today my other bff Stephanie and her boyfriend David came to spend the weekend with us.  By the time I got home from work JP had already picked them up from the airport and they were at my house waiting for me. These are three of my favorite girls! Amanda, Stephanie and Lily. Since Stephanie doesn’t […]


One of the last times Amanda came to visit she made us steamed artichokes. That day both Lily and I discovered that we love them. Sure it is a lot of work scraping the artichoke out of leaves but it tastes so wonderful! When Lily found out she was coming to visit again she said […]


Today we took Amanda out to dinner so that she could try crawfish for the first time. For anyone who hasn’t tried it it’s pretty freakin good. One very important thing is to order beer along with it because they are spicy! We ordered the family order that came with crawfish, sausage, potatoes and corn. Amanda says “Eat […]

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I pulled this from wikipedia. Fiesta is an annual 10-day city-wide festival held in April to honor the memory of the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Over 100 events take place during the anniversary of Texas’ independence from Mexico. The festival’s beginnings date back to 1891 when […]


Did you know that Presidents Day was originally celebrated only as Washington’s Birthday? Then along the way somewhere Lincoln was added to it and it became Presidents Day? I ran across this cartoon today that made me laugh! I am pretty sure if I asked someone “When do the leaves fall off of the trees?” they would tell me that […]


Once we got to West Yellowstone we rented snowmobiles from Back Country Snowmobile Adventures. The rental was not nearly as much as I thought it might be. We paid a little over $100 per snowmobile and we could use them for the entire day. The people were friendly and it didn’t take long until they […]


I love looking out the window at Amanda’s house. If you look out either the front or the back you see the same thing… mountains! Here is the view from her kitchen window in the front of the house. Amanda asked me a couple weeks ago what I wanted to do when I was there. […]


I woke up early this morning in the hotel and caught the shuttle bus back to the SLC airport. Before I knew it we were taking off and headed to Bozeman, MT. The flight was less than an hour so it went really quick. This is the view over Bozeman that I took from the […]


My besties sent me flowers today! Thanks Amanda & Stephanie!


This morning we found this huge guitar near our hotel. After we checked out of the hotel we headed out to Lake Travis. We rented a boat and spend the next 4 hours in the blazing hot sun. The high temperature for Austin today is suppose to be 102!!! You can see me taking this picture […]


Today Amanda, Stephanie, JP & I all headed up to Austin to celebrate JP’s birthday. We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel on 7th & Congress. The first thing we did after we checked in was have dinner at The Roaring Fork. Even the waiter knew it was JP’s birthday weekend because after dinner they brought him birthday dessert! No […]


You can always tell that either Amanda or Stephanie are in town when we have to make a visit to one of these places. This time my lucky guest is Amanda. She was trying to cut an avacado when she accidently did this instead. Being a good sport I drove down to Walgreens and bought a bunch […]


13 days, 18 hours & 27 minutes from when I posted this Amanda will be landing in San Antonio. It is no secret that she is my bff. If I am doing my math right this will be her 6th time coming to see me since I moved to San Antonio. I met Amanda about 13 […]