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I have always had skin problems… always. When I was a kid I had eczema like crazy. As an adult I still have it but it is nothing like it used to be. A few years ago I told JP that I only get really bad outbreaks when I go to Michigan. I know… it […]


We have gotten some quotes from landscapers to do our backyard because it is so big and crazy. There are leaves and pollen all over the place. There are also way overgrown trees and plants that need to be trimmed back. Well two quotes from landscapers later we have decided that we should keep the $1,500 and do it ourselves. […]


I have told you guys a bunch of times that in May it will be one year since I quit smoking. There are so many great things about quitting. I could make a huge list of the pros but you never hear anyone talk about the cons. When I smoked I would always go out […]


Last year we learned that when we think a palm is dead it might not be true. I told you guys about the process we went through to bring it back to life. We have another situation in our back yard. This guy is a victim of the two day freeze a couple months ago. I […]

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Today is the first day in a long time that I was able to come home and not really do anything. JP works in Austin on Wednesdays so me and Lily are always on our own. I am usually so busy doing stuff that I don’t really get any me time. I found some today! […]


Do you remember when we were kids what we would say if someone said  “My nose is running”? It started yesterday morning and has since gotten worse. At work I took some medicine for it and it made me feel high all day. I hate that chemical high feeling but at least there isn’t snot running out […]

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This morning I woke up with a runny nose. 1,000+ sneezes and lots of tissue later it’s still here. Allergies or cold? I’m not sure but now my nose skin is sore!


It’s been pretty warm around here for a few weeks but this past week has been amazing! If only it could stay like this all summer instead of feeling like the surface of the sun it would be great! For the last couple weeks I have been noticing wild flowers as I drive down the road and trees in […]

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Yesterday my nose started running and it has not stopped! Kleenex has been my best friend today.  This morning I took Benadryl and it made me feel all fuzzy and gross. This afternoon I took Tylenol Sinus and it did nothing for me. When I got home I took Sudafed …. NOTHING IS WORKING!! Here […]