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Today was another Wednesday in my life. Can you guess what I did?


We had a pretty typical Sunday today. The only difference is that we took a 7:30 PM flight to Portland, OR instead of a 7:30 AM flight. These are the two SnapChats that I sent today.


This is random but did you know that every time we park at the airport we park in the same area on the 3rd floor? Do you know why? The reason is pretty obvious… we need to remember where the truck is parked. Every once in a while we get to the parking lot and […]


Years ago when I first moved from Michigan to Washington one of the first real friends that I made is a guy named Jeff. I met him at work and we became fast friends. His mother Linda also worked there but I didn’t really know her that well. Once I started hanging out with Jeff […]


This morning JP and I boarded a Southwest Airlines airplane from San Antonio, TX to Portland, OR. Check out this SnapChat that I sent. That was the coldest flight that I have ever been on. I was FREEZING. I seriously felt like it was about to snow inside the airplane. Early this morning before we […]


This afternoon JP and I got on a flight to Denver, CO. Checking the weather before heading somewhere in the middle of April doesn’t seem necessary. Well… it is! This is a SnapChat that I sent. And this is what it looked like on our drive from Denver International Airport to the Hotel Monaco in […]

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if you see an arab on the street i obviously missed that one

Today I was standing in the airport security line behind this Marine and his dog. I was able to snap the picture in between showing my boarding pass and ID and putting my stuff through the scanners. Right after I snapped this picture security approached me and asked to see my ID and boarding pass […]

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This morning JP and I got on a flight to Portland, OR. Just for the record noise canceling head phones are amazing. I don’t think I have ever told you guys this before but when they come around with snacks I always ask for pretzels instead of peanuts. I happened to have a bag of […]

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I bet you can guess what we did today. If not here is a clue.  


This morning JP and I hopped on a flight from St Louis to Portland with a short layover in Denver. After we boarded our flight in Denver they told us that because of severe weather in Portland there is a chance our flight might get diverted to another city. I really wanted them to send […]

An aerial view of photographed on November 9, 2010 in New York City.

This morning JP took the rental car and headed to the airport about 6 hours before me. His flight was to Portland, OR and mine was back home to San Antonio, TX. Night flights are so much better than morning flights. My plan was to take a taxi to the airport but I ended up […]

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I have confessed on here before that I use an app on my iPhone named Snapchat. I am not even sure why… it is kinda ridiculous but I guess it is amusing enough because I actively use it. Maybe it is because I like taking selfies? As of January 1 Southwest Airlines changed their flight […]

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On Sunday JP and I flew to Portland, OR because he has to be there for work this week. Check out my new iPhone case. And how appropriate is my sweatshirt. We always try to stay at Kimpton Hotels when we travel. If you ask for a pet goldfish when you check in they will […]

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We woke up early this morning and when we got into the rental car the dashboard said 3°. I really have no idea how people live through this day after day. This just confirms the multiple conversations that JP and I have had about living in a warm climate for the rest of our lives. […]

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If you have been reading this blog for awhile you will know that I love taking pictures with signs… especially with the funny signs at the San Antonio Airport. Today was no exception. I added two more to my collection today.  

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Today we packed up our stuff and headed home. JP booked our flights through United Airlines so when we got to the airport (about 2 hours early) we headed to the United Airlines counter. At the United Airlines counter they told us we needed to go to the Japan Air counter because we were re-booked […]


Today is the day! Today is the day that I am getting my passport stamped for the first time.  First we flew from San Antonio to San Francisco. Then we used Travelex in San Francisco to get some foreign currency. Then we got our passports ready. And waited in line to get on this airplane. […]

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I am a TSA Junior Officer now… just sayin!

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Wanna know what we did today? We got on this plane. See? CHEESE! We flew at about 38,000 feet for almost 2 hours and then we landed and drove home. When I went to pick up Lily from school she was so surprised that JP was actually home on a Wednesday. Since he has been […]

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Sadly our fun fun weekend came to an end this morning when JP, Pauly and I all headed to the airport to catch flights. We did show some 12th Man Seattle Seahawks love in the airport though. And when JP and I landed in St Louis we saw this. Seriously? I have no idea so […]


Anyone that has known me for a while knows that I love love love costumes. And that if I can find any excuse to wear one I will. Today I was flying solo to meet up with JP in St Louis. As you know I sometimes wear costumes to pick him up from the airport… […]