A Not So Daily Dose of Daisy
Master of living a random, unpredictable life.

When I first starting seeing JP he would send me a picture of his coffee cup every morning. Seem lame? It’s not. You would be amazed by the number of things you can do with a coffee cup to make someone laugh. One time he put it in a phone booth and said it was making a call old school. Another time he put it on a folding chair and said it was chillin. Another time he put it in front of a flier for a job and said BofC was looking for a job. And so many more! A few times I have even gotten pictures from my friends with their BofC! I want to keep them coming. If anyone takes a BofC picture for me I will add it to the page! Oh and BofC = Breakfast of Champions! Most of the times it was a Starbucks cup but not every time…