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Spring Break Road Trip
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This week is Lily’s Spring Break. We originally had plans to head to Cannon Beach, OR to hang out with JP’s parents for a few days but those plans fell through due to the price of tickets. SWA wanted about $900 per person… ummm, no thanks. Then JP found out a few days later that he had to be in Dallas, TX that week to do a keynote at a conference. Lily and I planned on joining him in Dallas for the week… but then that was cancelled due to illness. JP hasn’t been feeling well so he went to the doctor this past weekend and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Pneumonia is somewhat contagious and since I didn’t want Lily exposed to it I figured that a Mommy and me adventure would get us out of the house and away from any bugs that JP might be spreading.

Normally I would try taking her to the Gulf of Mexico for a few days but it is still kinda chilly down there. Since the beach wasn’t an option I figured that St Louis, MO would have to do. We already have the apartment in St Louis so it is free to stay and I know the area really well. Plus in St Louis there are TONS of free things to do. So early this morning I picked her up from her dad’s house and we started our Spring Break Road Trip. This is the path we took. San Antonio, TX to Dallas, TX to Oklahoma City, OK to Tulsa, OK to Joplin, MO to St Louis, MO.


Lily only slept for about 1 hour of the road trip. I figured it would be a lot more.


We saw 3 “scenic outlook” signs in Oklahoma and stopped at all three. I am not sure what other people think of when they think of stopping at these. Considering we were in Oklahoma I guess we shouldn’t have expected much… because we didn’t get much.. unless you consider flat desert prairie-ish land to be pretty.


We did stop at a Capitol Building though… can you guess which one?


We ended up spending about an hour there. I think the main reason is neither of us wanted to get back in the car.


We went inside and checked out the dome. One strange thing is that they had the center of the floor under the dome blocked off. Usually at the Capitol Buildings you can stand in the center and look up… but not at this one.


And took pictures with various statues.


Over the past few years you have probably read about of the controversy surrounding the Ten Commandments statues on the north side of the building.


Then we got back on the road again. From Oklahoma City to Tulsa we took a toll road named Turner Turnpike. It runs for 86 miles and the speed limit was 75 MPH. We ended up paying $9.50 in tolls and stopping two times. Yes… two times. Once for gas which was really hard to find. I seriously thought we were going to run out. My car has a 13 gallon tank and when we filled up we bought 12.6 gallons. Then we stopped again for Lily to use the bathroom. Using the bathroom was a VERY common reason to stop on this trip.

We finally made it to Tulsa though. OKC and Tulsa are the only two large cities in Oklahoma.. and neither are very large. Have you ever heard that song Tulsa Time? In the first line he says “I left Oklahoma drivin’ in a Pontiac” and yes… we drive a Pontiac, very fitting, huh? Now you have that song in your head don’t you? Here is the video.

We took a little side trip into downtown Tulsa to see this statue.


It is named East Meets West. The name is deceiving though… it makes it sound like the midway point on Route 66 but if you read about it you learn that it is not true. To read about it you can click here.


I am extremely fascinated by Route 66. I’ve been to each end of it and lots of places in between. I think the ultimate road trip would be to drive it all the way from Santa Monica to Chicago.


We were so relieved when we finally hit the Missouri border. I’ll tell you something that Missouri has going for it is their rest areas. They have the nicest and cleanest rest areas of any state I have ever been to. Check out this cool sign outside of one that we stopped at.


Each picnic table was made to look like the front of a gas station. If it wasn’t so dark I would have taken more pictures.


We finally got to the apartment right around midnight. All in all I would say that it was a successful and fun day!


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  1. Rich says:

    Even if the Arkansas route is longer it has got to be better than traveling through Oklahoma.

  2. Daisy says:

    We went through Arkansas on our way back. Lily asked a really good question. Why is it pronounced r-can-saw and not r-kansas?

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