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MSPPG And A Plumber Snake

I am so proud of myself today so I totally have to brag. I went out to the pool to pull out all the leaves and vacuum it. When I started vacuuming I could feel that the suction wasn’t as good as it should be. So I went in the pool house to investigate. I figured out that the main line running from the pool to the pool pump was at least partly clogged with something. I knew about plumber snakes from JP but I had never used one before. I finished vacuuming and figured that I could have him fix it after he gets back in town. But then the MSSPG (that’s what JP calls me when I work on the pool) in me decided waiting for him was the lame way to go. I can do this. As I poked around inside the pipe with the plumber snake a few leaves started coming out. Then big chunks of leaves started coming out. Once I thought it was clear I put everything back together and turned on the pool pump. As I was bringing the pool pressure back up I heard a slight thud and all of a sudden the water started flowing much faster like it is supposed to. I let it run for a minute then I turned the pump off again and checked the basket. I was amazed by how many more leaves were in the strainer basket. I emptied it out, put everything back together and now our pool runs again like a champ again.

The only picture I have is one that I sent to my SnapChat friends.


4 Comments to “MSPPG And A Plumber Snake”

  1. Rich says:

    Good job clearing the line. Like Red Green says “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should find you handy.”

  2. Rich says:

    FYI that is not a plumber snake. It is an electrical snake for pulling wires in conduit.

  3. Daisy says:

    Ha ha! That explains why it is a lot smaller than the other plumber snake!

  4. CoreyJo says:

    Haha!! I was wondering what the heck that was a picture of! You truly are a Domestic Goddess Extraordinaire.

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