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To The Beach
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After having a silly warm day yesterday and looking at the forecast for the Gulf of Mexico can you guess what we did today? That’s right we woke up and packed for the beach. This is the our first trip to the Gulf this year and also the earliest in the year that we have ever gone.

It is always so hard to decide what bikini to wear.

snapchat bikini pictures pics pic

JP is always the driver.


Since this was our first beach trip of 2014 we had to stop at a store along the way to buy our beach parking sticker. The sticker only costs $12. Good thing we bought our sticker because about an hour after we got there the permit police came driving by. The family next to us didn’t know they needed a sticker so the beach parking patrol stopped to talk to them. She had two options #1 buy a parking sticker for $12 in cash or take the $154 parking ticket. She gave them the $12 in cash.


As usual we made new friends on the beach. Lily helped them build their massive sand fort.


Me and my baby!


2 Comments to “To The Beach”

  1. Kayla Rich says:

    What cute kids building the Sand Castle fort, they must have an awesome totally cute mom !!

  2. Sarah S says:

    Can’t wait to share in a Texas beach day with you soon! Just one month, yay!!

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