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The Lizard Doctor
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The leaves that I told you about last week are falling even faster now so this morning I went outside to empty the skimmer. As I was doing that there was a light breeze blowing the leaves that are on the deck in to the water. So I did what seemed like the logical thing to do… I grabbed the broom. I figured that if I swept the leaves off of the pool deck they won’t blow in the water and it will be less work for me later. As I was sweeping the leaves off I noticed something kinda big go flying over the edge. When I looked over the edge I figured it would be a stick or something. It was a lizard. It was a brown lizard laying there dying. His body was all contorted and his mouth was hanging wide open. I felt instantly bad.. did I kill him? I looked at him for a bit and it only moved a tiny bit. I was gonna leave him laying there but I felt really bad and wondered if I could nurse him back to health. In retrospect I am also kinda wondering why he was out there in the first place. We never see lizards when it is cold outside (there was frost on the ground this morning)… they are supposed to have special hiding places to keep them warm. So what did I do? I grabbed a jar from inside and I scooped him up with a few of the leaves. Figuring that since it was so cold outside he would be happier inside where it is warm. This is what he looked like when I brought him in. He looked pretty much dead.


Then about an hour later I came back to check on him and found him hanging out on the side of the jar.


I moved him over near a light (not sure if that made a difference) and his skin started changing from brown to green. Can you see the green patches? He looks kinda moldy.


Then about five minutes later he was fully green.


As soon as the sun warms up the ground today I am going to release him back to the wild.


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