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2014 Calendar
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Every year my sister Vanessa makes a calendar full of pictures from the previous year and send them out to all of my brothers and sisters. Actually… I am not sure if she sends them to all of us but at least most of us. She might even send them to nieces and nephews… I can’t believe that I have never thought to ask her exactly who she sends them to. I have kept every calendar that she has sent me since 2000 except for 2004 and I have no idea what happened to 2004. Today we got our 2014 calendar in the mail. My favorite part about having the calendar is that it has everyone’s birthday on there. I am talking siblings, significant others, nieces, nephews, etc. I want to give a big thank you to Vanessa for taking the time to create these every year for us!


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Your welcome, I’m glad it is appreciated! Oh and Lily next year I’ll have at least 3 pictures of you. 😉

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