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Whirlwind Trip To MI
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Early this morning JP and I got on a flight from San Antonio, TX to Detroit, MI to go see some family and watch them make pierogi. Every year they get together and make pierogi to eat for Christmas. Usually when you show up for the party you are supposed to bring a filling to put in the pierogi but since we were flying we couldn’t do that. Instead of a filling we brought fresh tamales from a store here in San Antonio.

Check out the cool view from Alex and Kelli’s deck.


Me, Kelli, Vanessa and Sarah all struck a pose.


My sister Vanessa, me and my brother Alex.


This picture series made an awesome .gif file.


And of course I had to take a picture with the kids.


It is hard to get a picture with so many kids and have them looking in the same direction. This .gif file proves it.


Even Lucy the dog was okay with getting her picture taken.


I wanted to have my picture taken with the HUGE Christmas tree in their backyard so Alex cleared us a path. Boys and their toys.


Oh Christmas Tree!


After we left Alex’s house we met up with Vanessa and Sarah for a few hands of Cards Against Humanity. Have you ever played this game? If not you should… but be sure to bring your sense of humor with you.


Here is an example of why this might be one of the most offensive games possible. The reader had the card “What ended my last relationship?” and the three answers he had to choose from were “A fetus”, “Multiple stab wounds” or “My ex-Wife”.


Hey at least JP thought the answers were funny.


To learn more about this game click here.

2 Comments to “Whirlwind Trip To MI”

  1. Sarah S says:

    That was a fun night! So glad we got to see you both, even if it was only for a few hours! :)

  2. Sarah S says:

    That was a fun night! So glad we got to see you both, even if it was only for a few hours! :) Looking forward to March!

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