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Not That Much
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I did not take very many pictures this week. I did however get some stuff done. Here is a summary of my week.

I spent the first couple days of the week in St Louis, MO hanging out with JP.


And of course we had my weekly meeting with Amanda.


I discovered an amazing place named Little Saigon Cafe in St Louis. The best part is that I can walk there in less than 10 minutes and eat the best Pho for like $7.


We saw this t-shirt for sale. There’s No Such Thing… As Too Much Butt.


On Thursday I set the GPS on my phone to find the City of San Antonio Municipal Court.


And took care of a little issue that we had. After getting a lecture from the judge they gave me a Deferred Disposition for our Water Conservation Violation. As long as we don’t re-offend in the next 90 days it won’t go on the permanent record.


I bought a light bulb for the back right blinker on my car. I was gonna install it myself but there are a lot of things to remove to get to it so I am leaving that job to JP.


Oh and we had a little winter blast. I am not okay with cold weather.


Oh and I found my new favorite song. Lady Antebellum – Compass.

“When it’s all said and done you can walk instead of run”.


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  1. casey says:

    i like vampire weekend “diane younge”

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