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ANA Take Us Home
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Today we packed up our stuff and headed home. JP booked our flights through United Airlines so when we got to the airport (about 2 hours early) we headed to the United Airlines counter. At the United Airlines counter they told us we needed to go to the Japan Air counter because we were re-booked on a Star Alliance flight to get back to the USA. We headed toward the counter that she told us but we didn’t see a sign for Japan Air so we asked someone at the airport information counter for help. They looked up our flight number and told us we needed to go to the ANA (a Japanese airline) counter. By the time we made it to the correct line we had less than an hour to make it through immigration and security to board our flight… not to mention the ANA line was super long. I told JP it was time to use our charm and we got in the lane for first class… even though we were coach customers. I explained to the guy at the counter how frustrated we were and asked him very nicely for help. He was super helpful and explained to us what was going on, checked our bags, and printed out our boarding passes. It always helps to be nice to people… and to play the dumb American card.

We successfully made it through immigration and security (you don’t have to take your shoes off in China) with a couple of minutes to spare. Our path home was Hong Kong to Tokyo to Los Angeles to San Antonio.


I really liked flying ANA. They feed you and you have a screen right on the seat in front of you showing your flight path. You can even play games using the retractable controller.


Hong Kong to Tokyo is a 4 hour flight.


Right before we landed in Tokyo I snapped this picture out the window.


We spent about 3 hours or so in Tokyo before getting on the flight to Los Angeles. The flight to Los Angeles is about 9 hours.


Did you know that when you fly international the alcohol is free? We didn’t drink on the way there but we did have wine with the dinner that they served on the way back.


Once we landed in Los Angeles we were very happy to see this sign.


From Los Angeles to San Antonio we were back on United Airlines again.

In the end it took us about 23 hours to get from Hong Kong to San Antonio. It took us an entire day but thanks to the International Date Line we left China on Saturday morning and were back in San Antonio by about 8:00 Saturday night.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Looks like a fun trip! Chris and I felt the same way about getting home after our 9 day honeymoon in Mexico.

  2. TC says:

    Thanks for taking us along, mmmmmMs. Daisy! :)

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