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It was suppose to rain all day today. Not like a drizzly drizzle but a flash flood kind of rain. Last night before bed I told Pauly we shouldn’t be scared of a little rain… let’s be adventurous and go hit Don’s Fish Camp on the San Marcos River for some toobin.

So this morning we packed up our stuff and headed north. I was a little nervous when we got out of the truck because it was kinda chilly and the wind was blowing a little. But we drove an hour north so we were already committed. Check out our cool wristbands.


We got on the bus and our adventure began.


Before long we were at the river putting our floats in the water. Then magically the sky cleared up and the sun came out.


There were tons of dragonflies on the river. TONS! I didn’t mind when they landed me but Lily and Pauly were not really okay with it.


And we saw lots of turtles. Some swimming in the water but mostly hanging out on rocks and logs.


Seriously there were tons of them.


Just basking in the sun.


We floated and floated and floated. The water level was higher than last time we went but it seemed to flow slower.


Before long we came to the broken dam were we like to stop and rest. You can either slide down this part.


Or float down it… your choice.


Did I mention the turtles? I would say we saw at least 100 of them.


It was a perfect day to float.


And we ended it with Lily and Pauly jumping off the rope swing at the end.


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  1. Paul says:

    Wow! Amazing .gifs that was a very fun trip. Miss you guys

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