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3-0 Baby!
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Guess which NFL team is 3-0 after last nights game! If you said Seattle Seahawks that is the answer I was looking for. Boo-ya!


My friend Amanda here in St Louis sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to happy hour when she got off of work. Sure… I mean who says no to happy hour? Cheap drinks, cheap food and awesome conversation. When I was getting dressed I remembered that I had a Raiders t-shirt with me which was perfect because they were playing in the Monday Night Football game today. I got this t-shirt a couple of years ago when JP and I went to an Oakland Raiders game.


Amanda is crazy. This is a picture of her describing what we should do with our hair for something we have planned. I can’t tell you what it is but in the end of October (not Halloween related) we are going to be wearing amazing costumes… I think.


When I was going through the pictures on my phone I found this one and it cracked me up. This is me trying to describe to Amanda where Angela lives. Can you even tell where it is suppose to be?


After work JP met up with us to make sure we weren’t causing any trouble.


2 Comments to “3-0 Baby!”

  1. Rich says:

    Orlando, Florida?

  2. Daisy says:

    You’re right Rich! Kinda. I put the star to show where Orlando is and the arrow to show where she lives. In Satellite Beach, FL.

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