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St Louis Science Center
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As of this week we have an executive apartment that the company pays for at The Chase Park Plaza in the Central West End of St Louis. It is a very cool place and everyone is so friendly. Today JP took the rental car and I did not feel like sitting in the room reading a book so I took off on foot. The St Louis Science Center is only 1.2 miles from the hotel. And the best part about the Science Center is that it is free admission. There are lots of free things to do in St Louis and I have already seen a bunch of them so naturally I had to go see this one.


No one warned me that there would be dinosaurs.


I guess I really didn’t consider that it would be mostly for children but I figure that out right away after I got there.

Check out Astronaut Barbie.


The science center was built on both sides of I-64 and has an indoor foot bridge that connects the two buildings. They have spots that you can stand and watch the traffic below you.


When you take the foot bridge over you can watch the traffic. And you can even clock them to see how fast they are going.


I figure that since I didn’t have a kid with me I could be the kid. There are so many hands on exhibits and I played with most of them.

I played hopscotch. Each time you jumped on a number it makes different sound.


And I touched the sensory walls that made sounds.


And I even did this one. It told me that it estimated me to be 5’11″… I like this place.


My wing span is not as big as a California Condor.


I encountered another dinosaur.


This cracks me up.


I would totally go back there again. Especially with a kid… but even on my own!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    You should ask Joe about that dinosaur in the museum. When we were there for Zerah’s graduation, he would not go up the stairs for fear of the dinosaur getting him. It was funny.

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