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Watercolor In The Sky
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I was surfing around on the internet the other day when I ran into a picture of something that gave me a really good idea. I wish I had saved a copy of it but I didn’t. I did however save the idea in my mind. This is what we did.

Lily stood out in the front yard with a paint brush in her hand. It looked something like this while I was laying in the grass trying to snap the perfect picture.


Once I snapped the perfect picture we went inside and loaded the memory card on my computer.

I changed my favorite shot to filtered black and white then printed two copies on card stock paper. I also changed the same shot to focal black and white and printed one of those. Then I had Lily grab her watercolor paint.

painted portraits water color sky rainbows rainbow kids reach to the sky paint

This is what we came up with.


Don’t you love them?


They turned out a lot better than I expected! And now my mind is running ideas for our next watercolor project.

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  1. CoreyJo says:

    Love this! They turned out so great. Can’t wait to try this!

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